Offspring_Fling! screenshot - 1

Review: Offspring Fling

Offspring Fling! from independent game developer is an easy to pick up, difficult to master platformer offering overing a hundred levels with several interesting twists. Read the full review…

But to Paint a Universe game - screenshot 2

Review: But to Paint a Universe

But to Paint a Universe is a mellow, casual indie match up game from developer Marten Jonsson. But does it sparkle? Read the full review…


Review: The Adventures of Shuggy

To say that there is a glut of 2-D platformers in the indie scene is a bit of an understatement. But The Adventures of Shuggy from Smudged Cat games, stands out. Read the full review…

Sky Alchemist - Potassium-Carbon screenshot

Review: Sky Alchemist

A review of Sky Alchemist – an ambitious tower-defense, assembly-line puzzler with a Steampunk theme and Rube Goldberg influences from eye3ware games. How do all the pieces come together, all told?


Review: A Valley Without Wind

A Valley Without Wind from Arcen Games (creators of AI War) is an astonishing procedurally-generated genre mashup as platformer. Read the full review…

star hammer tactics - screenshot 4

Review: Star Hammer Tactics

Star Hammer Tactics is a space-based turn-based strategy game from Black Lab Games, ostensibly the first in a series of games based in the Star Hammer universe.

waveform game - screenshot 11

Review: Waveform

Eden Industries’ Waveform occupies a strange niche between platformer and rhythm game, something like Sonic the Hedgehog meets Dance Dance Revolution. It’s conceptually quite simple; so simple, it’s a little surprising that there haven’t been more games like it. While it can be frustrating at times, its “one more turn” addictiveness makes it a hard game to dislike.

auditorium game screenshot 2

Review: Auditorium

Somewhere at the junction between puzzle game, particle simulator, and synthesizer, lies Auditorium. Read the full review…

da new guys - screenshot - arm wrestling

Review: Da New Guys

“Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass” involves snarky, sarcastic writing, solid adventure game mechanics, and graphics on par with classic Sierra On-Line adventure titles. Read the full review

oio screen

Review: OIO

OIO is a quirky highly-stylized puzzle platformer from indie French developers Uncanny Games with a strong emphasis on the atmosphere. And gosh darn it, we like it.

blackwell deception screenshot - I can see right through you

Review: Blackwell Deception

While there are less and less developer making them, Wadjet Eye nails the adventure genre into the haunted floorboards with its latest release Blackwell Deception.

silas kart game - hi-tech screenshot

Review: Silas

“Silas” is an enjoyable,indie kart game, and you can tell that the developer put a lot of hard work went into it. But what did our reviewer also have to say about this labor of love?

bleating sheep - a diving night out

Review: A Divine Night Out

Maybe the most important thing to note about Bleating Sheep Productions’ “A Divine Night Out” is that it isn’t actually a game. Read the full review…

tobes vertical adventure screenshot 2

Review: Tobe's Vertical Adventure

Tobe is an Xbox Live Indie Games native ported to PC, apparently born from the goal of making a game that could have come straight out of the early 1990s. Tobe’s graphics are 16-bit, and would have been right at home in an old Genesis or SNES game. Even the sound and music is what one might call Megaman-esque. Plug a controller into your computer and you could easily mistake Tobe for a console ROM.

camy adventures screenshot 1

Review: Camy Adventures

Intergalactic Creations, the developers of Camy Adventures – Episode 1, took that most classic game genre–the platform jumper–and created a quirky little game with strikingly crisp, high-resolution graphics. It’s a testament to the fact that you can make a game with all the modern trappings that stays true to its classic gaming roots.