TOOTH – Trials Out Of the Hat – Xbox Indie Game Reviews

TOOTH – Trials Out Of the Hat – Xbox Indie Game Reviews

Platforms: XBOX 360 Live Indie Games

Welcome to TOOTH – a new feature, in which I will take two random trials out of the Xbox Live Indie pool, and run them through the paces. This week, I’ve selected Bush Hunt by RiddlerSoft, and Word Duelist by Sowaz.


Fact: Ninjas kick robot dinosaurs in the neck ALL THE TIME!

A game geared towards word puzzle enthusiasts, Word Duelist pits the protagonist against 9 other characters in an academy setting. To progress, you must out-word them in a duel. In my time with the trial, I only managed to sample two of the reported 15 word games in my duel, and they weren’t overly compelling. The graphics are pretty bare-bones fare. I found the use of the left analog stick to pick letters frustrating at times; it was a bit sensitive, and I found myself selecting letters I didn’t want.  Interesting premise, but I’m going to pass on the full game.

Words, words, words.

Verdict: Not much bite.
Word Duelist – developed by Sowaz

80 Microsoft Points


It ain't the 70's anymore, gramps. No one hunts for bush.

In Bush Hunt, you are tasked with a sacred mission: Find rare, exotic creatures, and kill them all. You can choose a character (so the game says. It’s really all the same character, and you can change the main color of the sprite) and head into the wilds. You’ll parachute into a jungle area, and once you land, you need to find all the creatures and then shoot them. Use all of your skills! You can jump, duck and shoot. That’s about it.

jump and shoot and rinse and repeat

The graphics are decent enough, but the sprites are limited to two animation frames each. Killing enough of the creatures will provide you with an upgrade to your weapon which lessens the time between shots.  The levels don’t feel like they’re following any kind of design.  Maybe they’re randomly generated? I only played through the trial once, so I’ll never know.  There isn’t a lot going on in the single player experience, but you can play two player co-op, or online with three other players.

Verdict: Emergency root canal.

Bush Hunt – developed by RiddlerSoft

80 Microsoft points.