Review: CANABALT Makes Michael Bay Seem Like a Quaalude

Review: CANABALT Makes Michael Bay Seem Like a Quaalude

Platforms: Browser, Flash

Game Name: Canabalt

Genre: Sidescroller

Want some heart-stopping indie game browser action? That’s right, you don’t need to buy anything, sign-up for anything, hold anything. Just press X or C on your keyboard and you are off on a super-fast, nerve-tingling, heart-thumping run for freedom with CANABALT, a black and white, 8-bit inspired work of awesomeness with a great ominous electronic ambient musical score to boot.

canabalt screencap

The better you do, the faster and more hectic our escape becomes, not that you’ll ever get a break to figure that out.  Watch out for that oil barrel, or that 50 foot jump off the side of a building!

Who knew that a pixelated side-scroller could be as much fun as Parkour in a war zone?  How much fun would this be on an iPad (featuring 60fps graphics)? Also, CANABALT is one of five nominees for best game at this year’s Webby Awards.

You call this excitement, Bay? CANABALT will show you excitement.

Play CANABALT now in HD

(Don’t worry about the HD bit, you can probably still play this on your 2-year-old Netbook.)

Get Canabalt for iOS

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