The Amazingly Beautiful One-Page World of Orisinal Games

The Amazingly Beautiful One-Page World of Orisinal Games


Browser, Flash

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Orisinal Games, Ferry Halim


Puzzle, Platformer, Action

Ferry Halim, based out of Clovis, California is a father who spends much of his time in front of the computer devising some of the most delightful and enjoyable independently produced playable browser-based Flash games around.  Started in the year 2000, his site Orisinal features some fifty-two beautifully rendered games that feel like a byproduct of a Hello Kitty store in Harajuku.


With titles like Pocketful of Stars and These Little Pigs, the latter which involves popping bubbles in order to stack animated piglets on top of one another, the games are simply gorgeous to look at and, despite their simplicity a joy to play.

Lest we gush any further and embarrass ourselves, we invite you to explore Ferry Halim’s little corner of the world and get lost in the land of Orisinal.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Play Orisinal at the Official Site – Free


[Los Angeles] The Indie Game Freak eats games for breakfast. It is a horror to behold, but it's good for the ecosystem.

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