Time Gentlemen, Please – Review


Platforms: PC, Linux

Game Name: Time Gentlemen, Please

Developer: Zombie Cow

Genre: Indie, Adventure

Release Date: Jun 22, 2009

Time Gentlemen, Please from Zombie Cow Studios an adult-oriented animated adventure game for PC and, in some cases, Linux.  With animation that pays tribute to lo-fi 8-bit graphics while being very much of a modern animated bent, the good people at Zombie Cow bring us a point and click choose your own adventure sequel to Ben There, Done That (a free game), filled with very funny text based dialogue that sometimes goes on a bit too long, leading to that dry upper lipped smile when waiting for the punchline of a very long joke.

time gentlemen please screenshot

Nonetheless, the entertainment factor is high and the game demo is worth a look as it will unequivocally provide you with a few minutes of genuine amusement.  Overall, the gameplay is a bit tedious and the incentive to continue figuring out just how to get from one puzzle to the next may be a bit thin for anyone but the staunchest indie game enthusiast.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Title: Time Gentlemen, Please!
Genre: Indie, Adventure
Developer: Zombie Cow Studios
Release Date: Jun 22, 2009
Languages: English

Price: $5 – Buy it now
Download Free DemoDirect Link

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