Paws of Coal by Gamechuck

Paws of Coal by Gamechuck is a cozy detective adventure game where you play as Charles Quill, a hedgehog with a knack for solving mysteries.

Review - Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn is a an alternate history researcher’s lost treasure at sea, worth more than its weight in gold doubloons. Read on…

Knee Deep

Knee Deep’s ambitious noir is very intriguing. Check out our review!

Neutral Room Escape – Indie Game Review – “Vision”

If you enjoy challenging puzzles, you should try “Vision” from Neutral. In this free, Myst-style Flash game, you are asked to escape from a mysterious room. You will need to solve a number of puzzles, including finding and using objects and figuring out mini-puzzles within the room to open boxes, compartments, etc.