The Art of Faeria - An Interview

In this exclusive interview with Jean-Michel Vilain – CEO of indie game studio Abrakam Entertainment – we talk about the art and design of popular digital collectible card game Faeria.


Review: Gunpoint

Three years in the making by indie studio Suspicious Developments, Gunpoint is a puzzle/infiltration game wherein you not only re-wire the environment to suit your questionable objectives, but also have the ability to leap over buildings like Superman. Read the full review…

Christine Love's Hate Plus

Christine Love, the prolific developer of elaborate visual novels and narrative games, has announced a sequel to her most acclaimed […]

grotesque tactics

Review of Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

Review Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes -from Silent Dreams comes a slanted look at an East-meets-West tactical strategy RPG. A bountiful bosom or a botched boob-job?