Review: “140” – Polygon Puzzle-Platformer Knows How To Groove

140 game screenshot 2
Review: “140” – Polygon Puzzle-Platformer Knows How To Groove

Platforms: WIndows PC, Mac

Game Name: 140

Publisher: Carlsen Games

Developer: Carlsen Games

Genre: Action, Platformer

Release Date: October 16th, 2013

140 the Game – What We Think:

Thomas Was Alone and Rez gave birth to a “molly“-chomping baby and its name is 140.

In it you are tasked with controlling a tightly-controlled, morphing polygon that switches between a static, anchoring square, a rolling circle and a jumping triangle that you will guide to rhythm-sensitive levels consisting of elevator platforms, jumps, sliding platforms and tempo-timed, pulsing landings to ping a ball that will then follow you back to the level’s goal point.

140 game screenshot 2

Pure Rhythm

Created by Jeppe Carlsen – director of massive indie breakout title Limbo and developed on his off-hours while working at Playdead – 140 is a beautiful demonstration of traditional platformers with several mechanics operating simultaneously; music alters to denote more difficult challenges on a given level, and the combination of shifting polygons and their related movements, the rhythm-based nature of the level elements, and the Megaman-style timing challenges makes this a synesthesiaste’s dream job. It is pure gaming and a fresh take on the hyper-minimalist aesthetic of the developing polygon-platform genre.

Pools of T.V. snow, similarly-designed polygon-based enemies, and your own lame sense of rhythm will thwart your path as you aspire to solve the way to the solution for each level. Like it’s title, there is little more to add than that. With no storyline to speak of, Carlsen has created an abstract, pure gaming experience, the type that can exist only in this medium.

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Winner of the IGF 2013 (Independent Games Festival) prize for Excellence in Audio, (and honorable mention for Technical Excellence) this engaging puzzle platformer features full controller support, 6 Steam achievements and a killer soundtrack.

Get Your Groove On

Though there are many analogues, this one works, and though easy to pick up, the combination of level design, music tracks and puzzles make this a challenging, absorbing title, instantly enjoyable and an easy candidate for your hard-earned money.

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