Plantera – An Adorable Farm Sim Clicker – The Review

plantera level up
Plantera – An Adorable Farm Sim Clicker – The Review

Platforms: Windows PC, Steam

Game Name: Plantera

Publisher: VaragtP

Developer: VaragtP

Genre: Simulation

Release Date: January 28th, 2016

Plantera – What We Think:

In a world of pure happy plantations, Plantera warms the heart of its players. Designed as a clicker farming simulation, your initial goal is to purchase a variety of plants as well as extra land to acquire more gold. The more gold you obtain, the faster you will unlock additional items. Seems appropriate, right?

In addition to planting and unlocking an assortment of produce, farm animals are eventually made available for purchase. I don’t care who you are, you will undoubtedly “aww” out loud due to the cuteness overload of these little critters.

But wait…there’s more! As your garden develops, extra blue rounded “helpers” will appear and assist you with your harvesting. Though they may not be as fast as your consistent clicking, they come in handy when your garden begins to expand off screen.

plantera gameplay 2

Click Sickness

Developed by VaragtP, Plantera is a game that becomes addicting fast. It is also a game that will probably give you arthritis in your finger due to the vigorous amount of clicking that transpires during gameplay. But hey, there’s a pro and con to pretty much anything.

You begin with one blue helper who pretty much does his own thing while you plant produce throughout the land you have available. Plantera is pretty slow in the beginning, but eventually it does dry out your eyeballs due to forgetting to blink. This will happen often, especially if you are greedy and impatient like me and want to attain a ridiculous amount of gold.

Hangry Birds

After reaching level 5, you basically get the gist as to how Plantera works. Here and there an annoying bird will try to fly down and snatch one of your produce items, but with a simple click, he will disperse back into the sky. It’s a simplistic procedure, and as you level up, you become aware of other creatures that may be a threat to your plantation.

plantera wolf and fox

Pesky (yet still adorable) critters, such as wolves and foxes, now charge into your garden to cause havoc upon your farm animals and steal your beloved produce. But don’t you fret, for it is quite simple to rid of these pests. With a spirited click upon them or by purchasing a trusty canine or two, you’ll be back to gathering that gold in no time.

Which is okay: I love watching the count of my gold climb to an outrageously high amount, don’t get me wrong. But where is the challenge? Why is my clicking finger about to fall off, and what do I really have to show for it?

Low Hanging Fruit

As I conquered my way through to level 10, I thought “So…taking care of my garden is going to get tough, now I’m really going to have to give it my all.” Granted, there are some super awesome unlockable features, such as a delightful blocky dog to guard your garden and a multiplier that will shower you with gold, but I wanted more. I craved a stimulating atmosphere.

plantera level up

Sure, each added installment of a plant, farm animal, land or special feature costs a substantial amount more than it originally had, but it’s amusingly easy to gather more gold. At random moments, a “Loot Hero” – he’s actually the eponymous hero of another VaragT game – will sprint through your garden. After clicking on him in an enthusiastic manner, gold will simultaneously be added to your previous amount.

The Fruits of Labor

Not only is the Loot Hero a generous addition to Plantera, but if you happen to leave the game for a couple of hours or leave it idle, your dependable blue helpers will keep harvesting your produce. Once Plantera is rebooted, you’ll notice your gold count has multiplied.

plantera welcome back

After unlocking every purchasable item, I took a step back to reevaluate my garden. I thrived, and after only two hours of gameplay, I was level 25. Yet, nothing has really changed. Plantera had become dull and repetitive. The game I came to adore the past couple of hours had lost its touch.

A Meager Harvest

In a nutshell, Plantera is quite entertaining, but only for a while. It lacks any challenging factors that may cause chaos upon your garden. This creates a drab environment for Plantera players, even with its colorful vegetation and charming animals.

Though I must admit, my garden is nothing short of fabulous.

Plantera is available through Steam.

[xrr rating=”3/5″]

Watch the trailer for Plantera below: