Oculus Share: Get the Latest Rift Games and Projects Via New Online Portal


Share in the Joy

August 18, 2013
Today, Oculus VR announced the Beta of their new online distribution platform. Oculus Share will provide ways for devs to publish new content, and allow VR enthusiasts to try new materials with greater ease.

While a market-ready Rift headset may be a ways off, the Rift dev community continues to work towards perfecting the VR experience while releasing diverse and engaging projects. Share will streamline the process of distributing and publishing games. Rift DK users will also be provided with tools that will allow them to provide feedback for content creators, and to vote for their favorite projects.

The Rift That Keeps On Giving

Eventually, Oculus hopes to transform Share into a marketplace for Rift-enabled games and experiences. In its present form, the portal will serve as a convenient hub for everyone who just can’t get enough of all things VR.

We recently entered virtual space via the Rift DK, and took RiftCoaster for a spin. See our reactions in the video below.

Publish, Download and Rate Rift-Enabled Content at Oculus Share