Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf – Herocraft Developing A New Digital CCG w Games Workshop



Hungry Like A Wolf

Card game vets The Games Workshop have teamed up with Herocraft to create a unique spin on the Warhammer 40K universe. Space Wolf brings all the explosive action of the futuristic super-soldier dominated realm, and incorporates a brand new collectible card-based interface.

Warhammer Spacewolf Title Art

Outer Space Battles In 3D Space

Players will start with a deck of cards to use in battles. Placement of cards will change the way the battle unfolds onscreen. Defeat enemies to earn additional cards that contain advanced weaponry and diverse battle tactics.

Play as one of four types of Space Wolf class – Grey Hunter, Wolf Scout, Blood Claw, or Wolf Guard – either to suit your own play style, or to keep you on your toes. Regardless of how you tackle your mission, you’ll be confronted with a diverse host of challenges and enemies.


The game promises an epic storyline, with numerous branches to the story. Will you go head to head with the Word Bearers, a sect devoted to the forces of chaos? Can you bring down the Necrons, who have revived after an age of slumber and are now bent on conquering the cosmos?

Jon Gillard, who runs the licensing department at Games Workshop says: “HeroCraft have presented us with a unique and exciting vision for a game based on this most evocative and barbaric chapter of Space Marines – the Space Wolves. Given that, their clear passion for the IP, and their experience in the market, we are only too happy to be working with them on this project.”


We are just happy to see so many Warhammer 40K and fantasy titles coming out.

About HeroCraft:
With its focus on strategy games HeroCraft successfully worked on licensed IP title Majesty Mobile. Headquartered in Kaliningrad, Russia, HeroCraft was founded in 2002 and employs over 100 staff in offices across Europe.

Space Wolf is coming to PC, iOS and Android in 2014