Leading Ladies 2 Bundle: Humble Weekly Bundle Supports Girls Make Games


Girls Got Game!

Humble Bundle’s current weekly bundle offering, Leading Ladies 2, will help fund Girls Make Games, an initiative of San Jose, California company LearnDistrict. Girls Make Games features summer camps, workshops and competitions to encourage and inspire young women to enter the field of video game design. Girls Make Games will also host a National Demo Day in Mountain View, California on July 19th.

The Leading Ladies 2 bundle will be available for purchase until Thursday, July 9th. Name your price for the core set of three games:

Trine 2: Complete Story

from Frozenbyte

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

Coming in second place in IGR’s list of the top 10 indie games of 2011, Trine 2 improved on the stunning visuals and puzzle-based platforming of the original. The Complete Story edition sold in this bundle also includes the Goblin Menace and Dwarven Caverns DLC.

Lumino City

from State of Play Games

Lumino City screenshot
Lumino City: screenshot courtesy of Steam

The sequel to Lume, BAFTA award winner Lumino City is a puzzle adventure featuring gorgeous handcrafted art. The game’s environment is an actual model city built by the developers, 10 feet high and featuring individually wired lights.

Hack ‘n’ Slash

from Double Fine Productions

Hack 'n 'Slash: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Hack ‘n ‘Slash: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Literally hack your way through Hack ‘n’ Slash, an action puzzle adventure from Double Fine Productions that lets you use in-game tools to hack the game’s own programming to your advantage.

In addition to these three games, anyone paying more than the average will also receive two additional games:

A City Sleeps

from Harmonix Music Systems

A City Sleeps screenshot
A City Sleeps: screenshot courtesy of Steam

The developers behind such groundbreaking musical games as Rock Band and Amplitude present A City Sleeps, a soundtrack-driven shoot’em up.

The Marvellous Miss Take

from Wonderstruck

The Marvellous Miss Take screenshot
The Marvellous Miss Take: screenshot courtesy of Steam

A more lighthearted-than-usual take on the stealth genre, The Marvellous Miss Take is a high-speed art heist game.

Finally, paying 12 dollars or more will net you two more games (for a total of seven).

Gravity Ghost

from Ivy Games

Gravity Ghost screenshot

A physics game with a twist, Gravity Ghost is a lush, hand-painted journey through the galaxy. Use the force of gravity to bounce from planet to planet in a surprisingly emotional journey.


from Tale of Tales

Sunset screenshot
Sunset: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Set in a fictional Central American revolution in the early ’70s, Sunset is a tense but stylish story-driven adventure.

All seven games in the Leading Ladies 2 bundle are available on Steam, and all but three (Lumino City, Hack ‘n’ Slash and A City Sleeps) are also available as DRM-free downloads. All games are available for Windows PC and Mac, and all but Hack ‘n’ Slash and The Marvellous Miss Take are also available for Linux.

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