Indies Unite: Groupees Bundle Supports Developers Affected by Desura Bankruptcy


Indie Devs Getting Groupies?!

Charity bundle site Groupees is offering a new bundle, simply titled Indies Unite, to help support developers negatively impacted by the Desura bankruptcy. Bad Juju Games, the company that owns Desura as well as bundle site Indie Royale, declared bankruptcy on June 4th. Prior to that, however, developers had experienced delays for sales of their games on the Desura platform.

For smaller studios, even brief delays in payment can cause major financial issues, so Groupees’ Indies Unite bundle hopes to help out developers affected by Desura’s ongoing troubles. The Indies Unite bundle features 10 games and runs until June 28th. For a minimum payment of only one dollar, you’ll receive the following games:


from Kraflab

Epilogue screenshot
Epilogue: screenshot courtesy of official site

A traditional Rogue-like, albeit one with graphical tiles, Epilogue focuses on short, challenging levels and tactical tension.

On a Roll 3D

from Battenberg Software

On a Roll 3D: screenshot courtesy of Steam
On a Roll 3D: screenshot courtesy of Steam

If your favorite parts of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games were the high-speed loop-the-loops, On a Roll 3D is the game for you. Roll through 24 levels of spikes, dynamites and other hazards.

Baldric’s Quest

from Starflower Games

Hack and slash your way through the perils of Wyrm Island toward a final confrontation with an evil wizard in Baldric’s Quest, a high speed fantasy-flavored arcade game.

Thief Town

from Glass Knuckle Games

Thief Town screenshot
Thief Town: screenshot courtesy of Steam

A local multi-player-only party game, Thief Town lets you sneak around a pixellated version of the Wild West. Stab your friends before they stab you!

Memories of a Vagabond

from DarkElite

Memories of a Vagabond screenshot
Memories of a Vagabond: screenshot courtesy of Steam

A traditional JRPG, Memories of a Vagabond is inspired by such turn-based classics as Chrono Trigger and the early Final Fantasy games.

Spell Casting 101

from Gordon Little

Work your way through a book of magic in Spell Casting 101, a family-friendly line-drawing puzzle game.


from Sons of a Bit Entertainment

IslaBomba screenshot
IslaBomba: screenshot courtesy of Steam Greenlight

A penguin, a rabbit and a turtle team up in IslaBomba, a 3D action and puzzle platformer with both single player and cooperative multiplayer options.


from m07games

GunWorld screenshot
GunWorld: screenshot courtesy of Steam

A tribute to NES run-and-gun platformers, GunWorld is a love letter to high speed 8-bit violence.

Mr Makeshifter

from Arboreal Games

Mr Makeshifter screenshot
Mr Makeshifter: screenshot courtesy of Steam

A procedurally generated platformer, Mr Makeshifter emphasizes exploration and an on-the-fly crafting system.

Manor of the Damned

from The Hideout Games

Manor of the Damned screenshot
Manor of the Damned: screenshot courtesy of Steam greenlight

Manor of the Damned is a story-driven, top-down action RPG inspired by classic console games.

All games in the Indies Unite bundle are offered DRM-free. On a Roll 3D, Thief Town, Memories of a Vagabond and GunWorld also come with Steam keys. Manor of the Damned and IslaBomba have been approved on Steam Greenlight, and bundle purchasers will receive Steam keys for them once they are officially released; Mr Makeshifter is also on Steam Greenlight but has not yet been approved.

Get the Indies Unite bundle at Groupees