Indiegala’s Offers IGR Favorites with Grim Trekker Bundle

Grim Trekker Bundle from Indiegala

To Grimly Trek Where No Bundle Has Gone Before?

Indiegala, one of a number of completely indie-focused bundle sites, is offering a new bundle that regular IGR readers might find interesting. Entitled the Grim Trekker Bundle, it features seven games for only $2.49, a 95% discount.

Three Fourths Home (Extended Edition)

from [bracket]games

Three Fourths Home, driving through Nebraska cornfields

Three Fourths Home is a somewhat depressing but emotionally powerful short story told through the unique conceit of a telephone conversation taking place during a drive through perilous weather. IGR’s InfinityWaltz found its storytelling technique impressive, while recognizing that some players will find its interactive tale of family dysfunction to be too much artistic atmosphere, not enough actual video game. The Extended Edition featured in this bundle includes additional art, background material and a prequel/epilogue.

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey

from Bacon Bandit Games

letter quest grimms journey remastered screenshot guessing

Help the Grim Reaper get pizza in this appealing and addictive hybrid of RPG and word game. Spell words and defeat enemies! As IGR’s Adam Fimio said, “If you think the only thing keeping you from playing Scrabble more often is the lack of immortal combat, Grimm’s Journey has you covered.”

Uncanny Valley

from Cowardly Creations

Uncanny Valley: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Uncanny Valley: screenshot courtesy of Steam

This game aims to be survival horror in the classic sense; in other words, it emphasizes story, exploration and the odd puzzle rather than shooting a bunch of monsters.

Paranautical Activity

from Digerati Distribution

Paranautical Activity screen 1
Paranautical Activity: screenshot courtesy of Steam

This one, on the other hand, is all about shooting a bunch of monsters. Paranautical Activity combines the procedurally generated levels of contemporary roguelikes, the fast-paced action of classic first-person shooters and the voxel-based graphics of games like Minecraft.


from BSK Games, Zomboko Entertainment

Anoxemia screenshot
Anoxemia: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Not for the claustrophobic, Anoxemia sees you exploring underwater caverns in the depths of the sea where sunlight is just a dim memory. Don’t forget to breathe…

Vertical Drop Heroes HD

from Nerdook Productions


An updated version of the simple but popular flash game, Vertical Drop Heroes HD packs tons of depth and choice into a simple premise of dropping from the top of a randomly generated level to the bottom, fighting enemies and grabbing treasure along the way. IGR writer BluebirdPlays praised the game’s “bright color schemes, vibrant enemies and beautiful backgrounds” as well as its smooth controls.

Kraven Manor

from Demon Wagon Studios

Kraven Manor: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Kraven Manor: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Starting out as a student game, Kraven Manor won multiple awards at the 2014 GDC Intel University Games Showcase as well as lots of attention on YouTube. It’s fairly brief and doesn’t have a ton of action (you have only a flashlight and a journal to help you work through the game’s story), but it does have tons of atmosphere. Check this out if you’re a fan of games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

All of the games in this bundle include Steam keys. With the exception of the Windows-only Uncanny Valley and Kraven Manor, they’re all available for Windows and Mac, with Three Fourths Home, Paranautical Activity and Anoxemia also compatible with Linux.

The bundle is available until September 29th.

Get the Grim Trekker Bundle at Indiegala.