Indie game EDGE Coming to Steam on August 11th!

edge game screenshot

Amersfoort, The Netherlands – July 29 2011 – In just two weeks time, gamers on Steam and the Mac App Store will be able to experience EDGE in super high definition! The award winning – and much talked about – game from French indie developers Mobigame, is a perfect fit for PC and Mac gamers.

When it arrives on August 11th, gamers will get to experience a unique retro-styled platforming game with light puzzle elements. Players take direct control of a cube as it rolls around dozens of block-based levels in search of colorful prisms and the fastest routes. Throughout the game’s levels, unique techniques – such as the balancing act called ‘EDGE time’ – are introduced to deepen the experience. To top it all off, EDGE will include all the content of the soon to be released iOS game ‘EDGE extended’ as free post-launch DLC!

edge game screenshot

EDGE is the third Indie game, after Frenzic, to be redeveloped and taken to other platforms by Two Tribes. The game now feels right at home on modern PCs and Macs, with super high resolutions and new special effects, while still keeping the retro vibe completely intact.

Key features

  • Unique retro styled platforming action
  • Classic soundtrack
  • Lots of content, hours of playtime
  • Post launch free DLC ‘EDGE extended’, sold separately on other platforms.
  • Original bonus levels produced by Two Tribes
  • Over 30 achievements
  • Time based, Steam leaderboards

Learn more about Edge at Two Tribes