IAMJASON – A Free Dystopian Indie Point-and-Click

IAMJASON – A Free Dystopian Indie Point-and-Click

Platforms: Windows PC


Publisher: Calico Reverie

Developer: Calico Reverie

Genre: Adventure

Release Date: March 11, 2015

IAMJASON – What We Think

IAMJASON is a short yet surreal point-and-click adventure developed by Calico Reverie and available as a free download. The moment you start the game, you are presented with a white figure looking over a colorful yet ominous landscape known as the source. “I AM JASON” appears on the screen, word by word. “AND I HAVE LOST EVERYTHING.” From that single sentence, we are placed in a dystopian sci-fi world full of bleak landscapes, mindless robots and a strange apparition who tells you to fight the corruption. What is lost? Only through playing will you find out.


Retro Point-and-Click

The controls are standard for most point-and-click games. You can walk to any location by clicking on that respective spot. You can go to an item, take it, use it, or merely observe it. Most important objects are very easy to notice, but the act of acquiring them can be quite tricky. A lot of care was taken into providing hints and tips via the observe button, and I found myself observing everything, even objects that didn’t require any more interaction.

There are many puzzles throughout the game that need to be solved in order to progress. While none were necessarily difficult to solve, there were a couple that really made you think about how to get what you needed.

Losing Everything

The writing is very spot on in sending you into the mind of Jason as he explores and discovers new situations. The music and imagery is just as powerful in instilling a sense of loss and numbness, while remaining true to its retro-style roots.

IAMJASON, Precious Containers

While the story in itself is very vague up until you reach the end, there was always something that kept me playing. I wanted to know more. I wanted to know what Jason meant when he spoke of corruption. I wanted to know if I could save his wife and son, observed as “precious storage” by Jason. I wanted to find someone to talk to, for the world was so bleak and desolate and I needed to know if I was, in fact, the only one alive.

It’s deep. Very deep.

Short but Worthwhile

IAMJASON is an experience as well as a game. While it is short – you could finish it in about 20 minutes – it more than makes up for it in gameplay and atmosphere.

Download and play IAMJASON for free

[xrr rating=”4/5″]