Humble Weekly Deal – Multimedia Fusion 2 Bundle


Start Your Career as a Humble Game Maker

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The Humble Weekly Sale has drummed up a doozy of a deal for anyone who has ever wanted an easy introduction to game design. Multimedia Fusion 2, plus 9 games are on offer. All told, there is $175 USD in value, which you can snap up for just over $6 USD. There are only a few days left on this offer!

Multimedia Fusion 2

Quickly create games and software with this all-in-one software. Even if you have no programming knowledge, you can quickly adapt to the click and drag interface to bring your vision into reality.


While one may think this is a more toylike version of Game Maker, it has its own development philosophy and does all that it can to optimize the drag and drop game creation workflow. While many forgeo Game Maker’s drag and drop for its custom programming language, MM2 really has a clickable interface for nearly anything you can think of and so coding really becomes unnecessary. That said, a basic understanding of variables, arguments and expressions will still be a major component to getting the most out of the software which also features a huge collection of prefab objects for handling nearly any sort of task you can think of in developing a functional app.

The company also offers optional output modules, sold separately, for iOS, Android/OUYA, XNA, and HTML5.

Bottom line: Getting MM2 for under 3 bucks is like stealing candy from an infant.


Great Game Maker, Great Games

If you want to see some of the handiwork possible with the MMF2 software creation package, look no further than these games, included with your purchase.


Tipping its hat to games like Limbo and Oddworld, this platformer broods behind a shadowy atmosphere. The alien landscape is no place for a little girl: the beauty of the hand-painted environments are deceptively dangerous.

Screenshot from Oddplanet

Windows, DRM Free

Vincere Totus Astrum

Conquer All Stars in what the creators describe as a Casual 4X Strategy game. Guide your race in a winner-takes-all contest to dominate the galaxy. Colonize worlds, research new technologies and direct your warrior fleets in deep space combat. Emerge victorious, and elevate your race to the status of rulers of the universe.

Windows, DRM Free


Paint a rainbow…then destroy it. Splotches is a game that calls on players to make gigantic colorful messes. Plan your color bursts around challenging obstacles and

Splotches – Screen shot courtesy of Jolly Crouton Media Ltd.

Windows, DRM Free

Faerie Solitaire

A solid multi-faceted take on the card game with unlockable abilities and a narrative campaign to boot.

Windows, Mac, Steam, DRM Free

MANOS: The Hands of Fate

Mike’s family vanishes in a mysterious lodge, and the circumstances are truly bizarre. Take your pistol and investigate.

MANOS Title art

Based on a classic b-movie title that is also widely considered one of the funniest films ever covered by Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Windows, Android, DRM Free

Pitiri 1977

Embark on a quest to capture an evil monster and rescue your younger brother. Make use of your psychic abilities and traverse strange lands in this retro sci-fi themed adventure.

Windows, DRM Free

A Lot More for a Little

Unlock these games by paying over $6 USD.

Knytt Underground

Guide Mi Sprocket on a dire quest to ring the six bells of fate.

Knytt Underground Screenshot
Knytt Underground: Screenshot courtesy of Nifflas’ Games

Use all of Mi’s skills to traverse the challenging landscape; the existence of the universe is at stake.

Windows, Mac, Linux, Steam, DRM Free

Really Big Sky

link to our review

Take on this twin-stick arcade shooter that adapts to your abilities. You’ll face all kinds of threats, all courtesy of an alien menace that has its eyes set on making your planet its new home.

Windows, Steam


Gently roll an orb through the dreamy realm of Nightsky. Each puzzle will require you to manage your size, shape and weight. Keep alert: The environment has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Windows, Mac, Linux, Steam, Android, DRM Free

No Matter How You Slice It

Whatever amount you decide to pay, you have the option to decide how those funds are allocated. Support the devs, charities EFF, and Child’s Play Charity and the Humble Bundle as you see fit.

Get The Multimedia Fusion 2 bundle at the Humble Weekly Sale website