Review – Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal

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Review – Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal

Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Steam

Game Name: Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal

Publisher: Gamehouse

Developer: Blue Giraffe

Genre: Adventure, Simulation

Release Date: September 20th, 2016

Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal – What We Think:

Drama, heartache, and humor – three words that well define Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal. Sure, the dialogue can be a tad on the cheesy side, but the intense environments dial down the sometimes too cutesy moments. Nonetheless, Allison is on the verge of prospering as an intern, and boy, does she find herself in some bizarre predicaments.

Developed by Blue Giraffe, the fast-paced gameplay presented in Heart’s Medicine mirrors the mechanics of the infamous Diner Dash, albeit in a hospital rather than a restaurant. Time management is key – if Allison doesn’t respond to a patient in a timely manner, she will lose hearts, which ultimately define the final score. Just like any competitive player, anything less than the three perfect stars didn’t settle right with me. Nothing is more maddening than that one lousy patient who couldn’t just chill a little bit longer. Come on, Fred, Allison is doing her best here.

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Heart of the Matter

In retrospect, bonus points are elected if Allison is quick on her feet and responds to patients instantaneously. Via quick mini games, acquiring items, or simply checking on a patient, Allison rushes from patient to patient to assure their health is up to par. After each shift is finished, a puzzle piece of the story will fall into place, but consistently leaves off with a lingering, and typically gloomy, moment. Of course, this just means binging for another couple of hours to rack up that score and feel vigorous tugs at those heartstrings. Ah, who doesn’t love a little bit of misery?

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of circumstances in Heart’s Medicine that produce immediate eye rolls. Various conversations reflect what would be seen on a modern day soap opera. Sometimes, the cheesiness is – dare I say – too cheesy? However, the original soundtrack does correlate impeccably with the emotional scenarios Allison ventures upon. I will openly admit that I rock out to some jams from Heart’s Medicine when I’m feeling sad and want to feel even sadder. You know how that logic works. Regardless, keep the Kleenex nearby if you are the sensitive type.

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Achilles’ Heal

If the story gets to be too much at times (and it will), a variety of mini challenges are scattered amongst each area Allison is working at. For example, when Allison is doing her time in the Pharmacy, a side challenge of hers is to not have more than one item on hand at a time. I know, it sounds easy as cake, right? Not so much. Accomplishing such tasks results in acquiring a diamond. These sparkly jewels can be used to purchase super awesome merchandise for the new hospital wing. Considering these challenges don’t affect the core plot of Heart’s Medicine, they’re completely optional.

Unlike other certain mishaps that transpire. No, I’m not getting emotional. Despite the dramatic chain of events in Heart’s Medicine, the atmosphere almost reflects what would be expected in an actual clinic. Blinking isn’t an option, and attentiveness with patient care is vital in order to prosper as an intern. Admittedly, Allison is literally thrown into a chaotic mess of under-the-weather folks. Truly, it is a lot to take in at first, especially if you aren’t used to fast-paced environments.

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Slow Drip

Tallied up at a total of 90 stages (and well over ten hours of pointing and clicking), inevitably the gameplay does become a tad repetitive. Sure, the characters are adorable and fascinating, but the magic fizzles toward the end. I began to lose interest in the story, which became oddly predictable. Yet throwing in the towel wasn’t an option – my finger didn’t contract arthritis for the heck of it. Not to mention, Allison was finally performing surgery and she was rocking it. So proud.

Jagged Little Pill

Despite its flaws, Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal tells compelling stories between a variety of characters. Additionally, the cut scenes reflect relatable emotions. Yes, it is way too cheesy sometimes for my personal taste, but the precious moments also warm the heart. Providing the assistance Allison needs to progress into surgery is a journey, indeed. It may even take some self discipline to get there. Hopefully in the next chapter of Allison’s career *ahem*, we will be provided with an array of new plot twists. And hey, maybe something to relieve this arthritis momentarily.

Not to mention unraveling the weird love triangle she’s got going on. That girl is living one confusing life.

Heart’s Medicine: Time to Heal is available via Steam.

[xrr rating=”4/5″]

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