Gish Updates, Chance to Win On FB This Wednesday – Contest Details

Gish. It’s been a few years now since the little ball of tar rolled into our lives. In fact, I like to think of him as one of the early indicators of the indie game renaissance we are now enjoying. Well the team at Chronic Logic have recently made a major update to this venerable title.

For those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to play it yet, Gish is a 2D Platform puzzle game where you play a glob of tar on a mission to save his lady friend from the subterranean fiends who have kidnapped her. You must stick, slick, and bounce your way through the city’s sewers in an attempt to rescue her using only the gravity defying nature of the wacky substance that you are. It’s a whole lot of physics based fun and includes levels that can be deceptively simple to fiendishly tricky.

gish screenshot

For those of you who have rolled through the sewers of Dross before, the new update includes:

  • You can now choose the price of Gish when you purchase it (As little as $1 !!)
  • All registration and DRM has been removed (no more hassling with registration)
  • Added community campaigns totalling over 40 new levels
  • Added 5 new community vs. levels
  • Changed file saving locations in Windows and OSX to be in user folders
  • Added 64-bit Linux support

Facebook Game Giveaway :

A dollar too rich for your blood? OK, how about free?  This Wednesday, November the 3rd, 2010, Chronic Logic will be making a post on their facebook page.  Anyone who responds to the post with the name of their favorite Chronic Logic game, will receive a free copy of the title they list.

This includes any single game sold on as of November 3rd 2010 limited to one game per person. The promotion will last 48 hours and is open to new and current Facebook fans.

Facebook Link :

Purchase Gish at Chronic Logic