The Fine Young Capitalists Launch Women In Gaming Initiative


A Fine Proposition

With women making up 45 percent of all gamers (and really, that figure may be inaccurately low in considering all genres and definitions of games), it’s high time that their ideas, influence, stories and skills are better acknowledged and utilized in the creation of games. Citing stats that suggest that the creation of only 2% of video games is headed up by women, The Fine Young Capitalists are seeking to better level the playing field. The group acknowledges that even with talent, it helps to have a leg up. So here is what they are offering:

Get In the Game

Participants who identify themselves as women and are interested in participating can pitch their idea (in less than 1500 words). If you have any questions about the organization’s policy on transgenderism, read their criteria.

Each submission will be assessed by TFYC, and the top 5 ideas will get a professional pitch presentation (with the assistance of production company Aoutbotika), and will be posted online. The project that nets the most votes will be made into a game, and digitally distributed globally. All profits from the sale of the game will be donated to charity.

Visit The Fine Young Capitalists’ official website