Shelter 2 – Might And Delight Reveal A New Animal Family to Protect

shelter 2 art 1

A Day Out On As The Lynx

Stockholm-based dev house Might and Delight have revealed that they are working on a successor to Shelter, its wildly successful game of bestial survival.

Shelter (Lynx Link to our review) makes an unlikely hero of a mother badger who must protect her 5 babies. They get hungry, and grow weak without food, so staying put is not an option. Though the outside world houses dangers that could result in the demise of your offspring, it’s also the only place you’re going to find enough food to keep everyone going; your life and the well-being of your young demand the risk. Scavenge for roots, and savage smaller critters. Just be certain to keep your head down and your litter hidden when larger beasts are on the hunt.

The divergent premise is made more unique by the muted pastel palette, and a realm that seems to be crafted of papier-mâché. The early concept images indicate that we can expect more of the same whimsical art design in Shelter 2.

The Hunt Begins Anew

This new chapter will invite players to play as a pregnant mother lynx. After birthing, you are again tasked with keeping your small family fed. As a stealthy and agile feline, there will be an increased focus on the hunt, but don’t get overly-confident; though these mountain cats are fierce, they are nowhere near the top of the food chain (and your cubs are even more vulnerable).

shelter 2 art 2

Might and Delight are promising a wealth of new features and gameplay advancements. You’ll have to monitor your stamina levels, and you have various abilities to assist you in keeping your cubs out of harm’s way. Many species, predator and prey alike, are waiting to be discovered in vast explorable realms.

Shelter 2 is scheduled for a release in Fall 2014. It will appear on Steam, GOG, and other digital platforms.

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Watch the teaser trailer for Shelter 2: