Don’t Starve Beta Puts on Weight As Klei Continues to Serve Hot Updates

Cover art for game Don't Starve from Klei Entertainment

Several More Into The Fray

March 13th 2013 – The latest update for the Don’t Starve beta brings a slew of new nastiness to complicate Dr. Wilson’s already befuddling scenario. Don’t count on any of the new added items being some sort of instruction manual. It’s been several months since IGR discussed Don’t Starve with Klei Entertainment at Pax Prime 2012, and the game just keeps looking better.


New Features Abound!

  • Summer months will now bring rain, and the random toastiness of lightning (and MERMS!). The length of days is also affected by the season.
  • The sliders in custom sandbox mode are all unlocked, for players who think insane is too sane.
  • Pathfinding also works over long distances.
  • An interactive lua console can be summoned by using the ~ key

Adventure Mode

Though still in a patchwork state, Adventure Mode is now available. A lot of story has yet to be plugged in, but there are plenty of tricky obstacles to slow you down, and elements to juggle (in some cases literally) in any case.


New added creatures include:

  • The Knight
  • Merms
  • Guardian Pigs


Klei Entertainment has also added many new items and things to build.

New stuff in the world

  • Mushrooms (3 kinds)
  • A bit of maxwell ground is starting to creep into the world around some teleportato parts
  • Pig torches
  • Wasp hives
  • Variant berry bush
  • (In)sanity obelisks that block areas when you are (in)sane
  • Hound mound
  • Two types of ponds – frog ponds and mosquito ponds
  • Marble pillars (minable for currently useless marble)
  • Evil flowers and petals
  • Nitre
  • Eggs
  • Carpet
  • Marble TIles

Don’t Starve is scheduled for full Steam release on April 23, 2013.

Pre-purchase Don’t Starve to access the beta.