Bundle Stars presents the Outer Limits Bundle

These Stellar Titles Will Have You Seeing Bundle Stars

Set your gaze to the heavens! Bundle Stars offers up a collection of games that will tour distant lands, be they earthly, or otherworldly. Combined, you’d pay hundreds of dollars for these titles, but in proud bundle form, the consumer can snap up these stellar treats for a fraction of the cost.

Keep Watching the Skies

Race, battle and conquer your adversaries with these 10 diverse games, all of which are available on Steam:

UFO Extraterrestrials Gold Edition

Engage in epic battles against an alien threat. Augment your ships and troops with the tools and weapons necessary to survive in hostile battle environments. Take on entire battalions of fearsome galactic creatures in this turn-based RPG.

Blades of Time

Arriving on the enigmatic island reawakens forgotten ancient abilities. You’ll need them to fight off the guardians of the ancient treasures.

Perform mind-blowing melee combos in this fast-paced third person action adventure.


Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads! Blast off the beaten path in your offroad vehicle of choice, and tear up some of the world’s most savage terrain in the ultimate race. Treat your opponents like the mud you toss up from beneath your wheels; give ’em an inch, and they’ll leave you miles behind in the dust.

Hydrophobia: Prohecy

In a dystopian future, The Malthusians seeks to save the world by wiping out all but half a billion of the earth’s population. They attack the Queen of the World, a luxury sea liner the size of a large city. Kate Wilson finds herself thrust into the role of savior. She must fight to save lives aboard a city that is slowly sinking into the waves.


Race Injection

Combining the cars and tracks from 5 Race 07 expansions, Race Injection has something for every speed enthusiast. Select from 38 car models, 13 classes, and more than 450 skins. Now blast them around more than 30 tracks from across the globe.



Engage in the theater of war in the middle east. Mobilize your armor and helicopter divisions. You may have to battle in the middle of vast, unforgiving deserts, or you may have to engage hardened militants in the heart of urban centers.

Gumboy Tournament

Take on your friends in a crazy tournament that takes place in bizarre locations. Take advantage of your physical form and roll, climb and jump around the course. Collect powerups to beat back your opponenets.

Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold

In the face of a global oil crisis, the world descends into anarchy. Nations dissolve and armed forces rise up to seize control of the terrified masses. This turn-based strategy game has a fine eye for detail, allowing to to control aspects of the military, diplomacy, and social policy. Can you shape your nation into one worthy of ruling the rest of the world?

Puzzle Kingdoms

From the makers of Puzzle Quest comes a game that will challenge strategists and puzzle enthusiasts alike. Place your moves carefully to inflict damage and store mana.


Release your collection of magic essence to unleash devastating attacks. Command great heroes and cast out the evil forces that would see Etheria destroyed.

Razor2: Hidden Skies

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous galactic bullet hell shooter. Take on swarms of enemies, and dispatch them while dodging a storm of projectiles. Switch between weapons, and collect power-ups. You’ll need as much firepower as you can acquire to best a force that keeps throwing more advanced foes at you. Read our full review of Razor2: Hidden Skies.

Oh Brave New World

Your purchase also benefits the Special Effect charity in their efforts. The organization creates customized controllers to allow disabled youth and adults to share in the joy of playing video games.

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