Bundle Stars “Heroes of Conflict” Game Collection – Save Over $100 For 10 Diverse Titles

air_buccaneers- crewmen close up

August 13th, 2013 – U.K. based Bundle Stars has revealed “Heroes of Conflict” their latest eclectic collection of games very loosely connected by the fact that presumably they all have protagonists and are in conflict of some sort, which, with the exception of maybe MS Paint describes any game we can think of.

What is beautiful is you get 10 games for 5 bucks that span the genre spectrum, including indie title: “Tower Wars” (tower defense) to puzzle-platformer “Pid,” and Steampunk co-op aerial combat in “Air Buccaneers.

Not only can you get all of the above at a pittance, but you will also be contributing to the SpecialEffect charity which helps children and adults with severe disabilities to enjoy computer games.

Here is the complete list:

Air Buccaneers (our complete review)– Play as a Buccaneer or Viking flying around in a glider in an attempt to take control of floating sky galleons bearing heavy artillery with the aim of dominating the ancient North. Multiplayer co-op and PvP. (PC Steam available in English, Polish and Russian)

air_buccaneers-screenshot 3
A screenshot from aerial combat indie game “Air Buccaneers”

Numen Contest of Heroes – A 3D action RPG set in mythical Greece; Control one of 9 heroes armed from an arsenal of unique weapons, armors and over 80 spells and abilities to compete in a grand battle. (PC Steam available in English)

Tower Wars – A cartoonish 3D treatment is given to this terrific multiplayer, real-time strategy tower defense title wherein you defend against rum-thirsty pirates, while creating length mazes for them to traverse alongside which you will build your defense units. (PC Steam & Mac available in English)

Genesis Rising – 3000 years from now, humankind uses fleets of organic star ships, genetically-engineered for war in a pursuit of exploring and colonizing the last independent galaxy – The Universal Heart. This space real-time strategy game immerses players in an epic crusade with non-linear single player campaign comprising of over 30 branching missions. It can be played as single player or co-op with up to 12-players and also features copious multiplayer maps. (PC Steam available in English)

Really Big Sky (our full review) – Really Big Sky – the next iteration of 2010′s “Big Sky” – is a procedurally-generated bullet hell sci-fi shooter. Difficulty, levels and enemies are all generated based on how you play. Adaptive gameplay and multiplayer mode round out this ever-changing space romp. (PC Steam available in English)

“Really Big Sky” – indie bullet hell shooter – screenshot

Sniper Ghost Warrior features a “realistic ballistic system” to measures bullet trajectory and  drop in addition to environmental effects like wind, fog and rain. (PC Steam available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish)

Men of War: Condemned Heroes – This Action/Strategy is the newest installment in the Men of War series. (PC Steam available in English and Russian)

Dogfight 1942 – Arcade action title featuring “cutting-edge flight dynamics.” Fly over 40 historically-accurate planes, from the fabled P-38 Lightning and Britain’s Spitfire, to the dreaded Messerschmitt 109 and Japanese Kate. Single and co-op campaigns. (PC Steam available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish & Polish)

Chaser – Using authentic weapons modeled on real-life equivalents, this FPS can be played as a single-player or in one of numerous multiplayer modes. You must find out who Chaser really is and why he is being hunted. In the search for Chaser’s true identity, you will become entrenched in a story full of surprises. (PC Steam available in English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish)

A screenshot from the action game "Chaser"
A screenshot from the action game “Chaser”

Pid – Use gravity-defying beams of light to conquer platforms. Solve a wide variety of mind-bending, often platform-based puzzles along with the help of strange allies and quirky tools. Indie darling Pid features dozens of foes, hundreds of secrets and 12 hours of action-adventure gaming in single or co-op gameplay. (PC Steam available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish)

Get the Heroes of Conflict Bundle now at the Bundle Stars sitefor a limited time only.

Bundle Stars is owned and operated by Focus Multimedia Ltd, one of the UK’s leading independent computer games and software publishers since 1995.