Battle Planet – Judgement Day Review – It’s a Small Violent World, After All

Battle Planet – Judgement Day Review – It’s a Small Violent World, After All

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4, Windows PC, Steam

Game Name: Battle Planet - Judgement Day

Publisher: Wild River Games

Developer: Threaks

Genre: Action

Release Date: October 17th, 2019

Battle Planet – Judgement Day by Threaks

Battle Planet – Judgement Day is a twin-stick shooter fused with a Rogue-like campaign and a space-punks-with-guns aesthetic.

A top-down camera provides perspective over spherical levels built like the miniature planets in Super Mario Galaxy. Only here, instead of collecting coins, freeing Lumas and being generally wholesome, you’re mowing down countless aliens and soldiers using an assortment of high-powered weaponry.

Not much story is demanded by Battle Planet’s premise; three escaped convicts are battling for survival against aliens and enforcement troops. After crash-landing on an unknown world, said convicts must blast their way from one world to the next, surviving waves of enemies in order to remain free.

It’s a Small, Violent World after All

I was actually fairly relieved when the opening cut-scene and tutorial set me loose with little fuss; the raider protagonist’s dialogue induced more than a couple cringes from me before he finally got down to the action. To be fair, perhaps you just have to embrace the pulpy “so aggressive it hurts” action-film vibe, but it felt a little forced to me.

The action itself is serviceable if a little basic; in classic twin-stick style you need to navigate the spherical levels with one analog-stick whilst blasting everything around you into mulch with the other (if using a game-pad, that is).

Each of the three characters has a primary weapon, while others with limited ammo can be picked up as loot. I found the combat to be fun, but due to the limited personal gear available by default, I began to find it quite repetitive after a short while.

So Many Planets, So Little Ammunition

Some variety is provided through the enemy types; most levels feature an assortment of unpleasant feral creatures that simply charge in, but this is shaken up by the addition of troops that use large shields to protect their front side, gunners who stand back and fire into combat, and a collection of other enemy types.

Bosses also provide a bit of a challenge, although they do sometimes rely a little too heavily on simply being bullet sponges.

More options are provided through the addition of a permanent unlock system that allows each of the three characters to be upgraded between runs. Weapon pickups and items can also be improved in this way, making for a solid element of progression between attempts. Finally, between each level, it is possible to choose randomized perks to provide additional temporary boons to your character.

And I Think To Myself, What a Wonderful World

Battle Planet is visually appealing within the sphere of its chosen aesthetic. The aliens, planets, weapons and menus all drip with over-the-top, cartoonish design choices that help to give the game its playful feel. I found the music to be largely forgettable, but it does its job and underscores the action with a punchy, aggressive tone.

Ultimately, Battle Planet is a fun, action-packed shooter that provides its own take on the Rogue-like. The combat is engaging enough but it does get repetitive fast, and there could, perhaps, be just a little more impact behind the weapons. If you’re looking for a Rogue-like shooter that is great for a quick sit-down and blast, then Battle Planet has something to offer, but I don’t think it has much staying power in the long term.

Battle Planet – Judgement Day is available via the Nintendo Game Store, Sony PlayStation Store and Steam.

[xrr rating=”3/5″]

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