AI War Fleet Command, 4-Year Anniversary Edition, New Vengeance Expansion

AI War four year anniversary header

The AI That Just Won’t Die

You’ve fought them back. You’ve acquired their technologies. You’ve created outposts in the far reaches of the cosmos. It seemed the ruthless AI were all but contained. It was exactly what they wanted you to think…

AI War four year anniversary header

Four years after the launch of the original game, Arcen Games presents AI War: Fleet Command 7.0, and with it comes the largest expansion yet to its highly successful 4X RTS. The Four-Year Anniversary Edition comes packed with the main game, and all expansions, including Vengeance of the Machine, the latest in the series.

As always, players can jump into a procedurally generated cosmos littered with wicked drones. You’ll have to stake out resources and neutralize pockets of resistance just to survive, all the while trying to amass enough of an assault force to bring down the AI entirely.

The AI is constantly learning, though, and should you pose too much of a threat, their intelligence will spike. You may have the bots on the ropes only to have a vastly superior wave of constructs completely snow-plow through your main line of defense.

Vengeance of the Machine screenshot 1

Vengeance of the Machines introduces new dual-AI type combatants, Dire Guardians, AI Sub-Commanders, and an all-or-nothing final confrontation with the AI scourge.

As an introductory offer, Vengeance of the Machines is 10% off. The base game, Fleet Command is 75% off, and the Anniversary edition is available with a 66% discount.

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