The VODO Far Out Bundle: Odd Indie Games & Their Strange Bedfellows


Weirded Out

The VODO Far Out Bundle grenade-launches dandelion paste all over the mundane. Leave your common sense with your aunt’s cat’s aunt and dive into an upward flowing caramel waterfall of some great abstract gameage. If your bizarre cravings spill over into the realms of literature, cinema and music, the upper tiers of this uncommon alliance have enough lunacy to make you yodel like a construction worker until you hork radium.


Cliff notes version: Wacky indie games, off-the-wall e-books, brain-tickling short films and eclectic tunes. Each tier unlocks a little more. If your room is already padded, dive into the top tier, which nets you 4 indie games, 6 short films, 5 e-publications (including the graphic novels: Welcome to Forest Island, The Troll King, Suburban Legends) and 2 soundtracks one of which includes 14 tracks by Freeze Puppy.

Game Odd


by ProjectorGames
How’s the new prosthetic limb working out for you? As a British war vet, you’d like nothing better than to sit back and enjoy a spot of tea. See if your newly-acquired robotic hand can handle the delicate steps involved in making it – and if you can keep from flipping the table in a fiery rage. In what can only be called the evolution of QWOP *shudder*, think Surgeon Simulator at Buckingham Palace just after 3pm.

Q.U.B.E.: Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion

by Toxic Games

Q.U.B.E. screenshot

Puzzle solving, cubed. Using a pair of high-tech gloves, you must move blocks to reach new stages, and solve 3 dimensional challenges. Looks like Portal, feels like Tetris as though it were made for Oculus. Hey, that could be pretty awesome. Better than getting kicked in the face by a paisley donkey…


by Ludochip

Cubetractor challenge screenshot

Rule 1: The Bad Guys in games are always stronger. What a dumb rule! In Cubetractor, the good guys have just as much power as the bad guys…it’s just that the bad guys have had a while longer to plot their defenses. Use your tractor beam to smash cubes together in just the right spots; It’s the only way to create the power cubes you’ll need to construct a fighting chance.

What makes this game so “odd” (since we have been beguiled into arguing the case for VODO) is that it mashes together tower defense, arcade action and puzzle solving in a really clever and muted palette way. OK, kinda freaking myself out here…

Our review of Cubetractor


by Hitbox Team

Dustforce Screenshot 1

It’s time to take out the trash! Take command of a nimble and deadly janitor and eradicate the forces of dust in this stylish, fast-paced, critically well-liked 2D platformer with smooth and silky, vectory-looking animation aesthetics. Wait…platformer? Sanitation? What will they think of next – a plumber bouncing around on mushrooms to find a fairy princess? Oh the insanity *rips own face off*

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Oh yes, and proceeds from your bundle purchase are also supporting a charitable cause. In this case – 5% goes towards buying a cow for a Cambodian family so that they can be better set up for the long term. The rest is split 70% between the devs and 25% to VODO.