The Humble Weekly Sale: Cipher Prime Edition

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Humble Bundle’s Latest Weekly Sale Serves Up Prime Cuts

Humble Weekly Sale Header
If head-scratching puzzle solving amidst soothing ambient soundtracks is what gets your brain buzzing, the latest Humble Weekly Bundle will crack your coconut.

Pay what you want, and get 3 fantastic titles from Cipher Prime. Spend more than a buck, and you also get the Steam codes. Chip in more than the average donation, and you’ll receive 2 more engaging games. With 5 craze-inducing puzzlers at your disposal, don’t plan on operating heavy machinery: your mind is going to be elsewhere.

Afraid to get into puzzle games? Or maybe you don’t think there’s enough meat on these bones to satisfy your carnivorous problem-solving noodle? We humbly offer this information about the games on offer. Links are to our reviews.

Let X = Great Indie Puzzle Games


Getting to the genetic level was the easy part. Now it will take a steady hand and some strategy to manipulate organisms into their ultimate potential lifeforms. Life in a petri dish might be the coolest thing to happen to puzzle games.

Splice - green and violet screenshot


Bloom until there’s just no room! Elements of Hexic and Lumines collide in this habit-forming puzzler. Each tile placed will force those around it outwards in all directions. Create massive blooms of hex-tiles, and watch them explode in vast chains. All the while, sweet techno rhythms bump along to to the gorgeous destruction. This game also thumped its way into our Top Ten Indie Games List for 2010.

Fractal game screenshot 2


This tablet rhythm puzzler will keep on your toes fingertips. Tap racing notes in time as a wave of sound races out to meet them. Connect the wave with the note and enjoy the beautiful music you make.


Therefore X+2= More Greatness

As is the tradition with the Humble Bundle, paying more will net you more. Chip in over $6 USD, and get these two additional titles:


Light and sound intertwine in a delicate dance. Refract light particles by placing different filters and reflectors. You won’t be punished for wrong answers, but striking the right balance will result in a soothing, escalating orchestral score.

auditorium game screenshot 2


Cipher Prime’s latest title debuts in this bundle! Intake is a dubstep-riddled retro-future shooter. Think puzzle games are addictive? This barrage of light and sound will make you rethink dependance. To win, you must battle a never ending stream of narcotics. Chain together combos as you fight to keep from ingesting a lethal dose. You may just OD on this one.

Don’t forget: You can decide how your donation is distributed! Decide how much goes to Cipher Prime, The Humble Bundle, and to charity. The Electric Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity both benefit from your purchase.

This Humble Weekly Sale ends in 6 days! Don’t miss out.

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