Review: Hero and Daughter+

After years of being the default hero in RPG Maker, Ralph teams up with a Haremancer to summon girls to his aid in the dungeons. Read our full review about this JRPG…

Suits game screenshot, combat scene

Review - Suits: A Business RPG

Suits: A Business RPG looks like a satire of corporate capitalism, but it’s really more of a collection of random, office-related jokes in JRPG format. Fix that tie and read our review.

labyrinthine dreams demon

Review: Labyrinthine Dreams

In Labyrinthine Dreams, you are on death’s door. You reconstruct memories by solving various puzzles. Each new problem binds you to a new set of rules.

Review: Chronicles of a Dark Lord

From Kisareth Studios comes a tale of magic, politics, and a really large evil family. Read our full review of Magus Lee’s first devious adventure.