Royal Society Science Game Jam – Vote for your favorite science-based indie game

She Blinded Me With Indie Games

On May 24, 2013, The Royal Society was home to a scientific game jam as a precursor to its annual Scientific Exhibition. By teaming up experienced game developers and exhibitors, the jam challenged teams to create game that, while still fun to play, also effectively demonstrate the cutting edge scientific research set for display at the expo.

The Jam itself ran for 12 hours, and the 4 finalists are now available to be played. Vote for your favorite! The winners will receive additional funding to further develop their game.

The Finalists are:

A Pinch of Salt – by Kanko/University of East Anglia

A Pinch of Salt Screenshot 1

Time is short, and you must coast below the seas in your ocean glider and locate the concentrations of sea salt.

Cell Invaders – by Benjamin Donaghue, Gorm Lai, and Robin Baumgarten/University of Manchester

Cell Invaders Screenshot 1

Scientifically speaking, sugars aren’t as simple as tearing open a packet at your local coffee shop. Create decoy sugars to prevent illnesses from interacting with your cells. Explore the sweet complexity in this puzzle/action game.

Out Both Ends – by Opposable Games and Force of Habit/Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Out Both Ends Screenshot 1

A wave of cholera has broken out…at the same time as a nasty batch of MRSA is making the rounds. It’s up to you and your team to pinpoint the points of origin before the clock runs out. Can this biomedical puzzle game prove to be as catchy as its subject matter?

Quantum Revolution – by Bossa Studios/Toshiba Research Europe Ltd

Quantum Revolution Screenshot 1

Is this quantum physics based space shooter game crammed with thrilling action? It both is and isn’t until you start playing…and then it is.

Play all 4 finalists and vote for your favorite at the Royal Society website

Download the 4 Royal Society Science Game Jam finalists at IndieCity.