Game Review – World of Goo

world of gooReviewed by MT

My favorite independent video game to be recently released is World of Goo. There is so much to say about this fantastic title.

Developed by 2D Boy (a pair of guys from San Francisco who have collectively worked for Maxim, EA and, the basic premise of the game is to move goo.  This sounds ridiculous, but the game combines a story line that is very affecting by any standard, graphics that leave players stunned and amazed and a level of game play rivaled by no other game currently on the market. It’s that good.

All of the myriad different things to do in this game are almost overwhelming; seemingly mundane tasks such as moving goo, creating goo and solving goo-related puzzles take on importance that cannot be properly quantized with words from the English language.  I know I must sound insane, but you need to play this game for yourself.  At its core, World of Goo is a puzzle game, but it is really so much more than that.

The design is breathtaking, the levels of interaction are countless, there is great sync between the controller and the on-screen action and the visuals vibrate with amazing color and depth.  Sure, the box which the game comes in looks a little bit plain.  Visually, the game itself feels like a juxtaposition of a nostalgic past through the lens of Saturday morning cartoons with hallucinatory, hypnotic visions of the future. I could go on, but just trust me when I say you should start collecting some goo for yourself.

Developer: 2D Boy
Puzzle, Role-Playing
PC / Mac / Linux / Wii Ware
Price: $19.99

PC versions are available at: Steam, Direct2Drive, Greenhouse, Impulse
Mac: Mac Game Store

Also check the above online store for a Linux version which is also available!

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