Review – The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC

Review – The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC

Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Sony PlayStation 4, Steam

Game Name: The Only Traitor

Publisher: tinyBuild

Developer: Oleg Sergeev, Andray Rumak, Do My Best

Genre: Action, Adventure

Release Date: April 19th, 2017

The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC from Do My Best Games

In September of last year, I reviewed The Final Station by Do My Best Games. This was a very interesting title which resonated personally for me. At the time, I gave it a four out of five, a very honorable and worthy score.

However, there was something about this title that dug into the back of my mind and stayed there. I would find myself often comparing the experience I had with The Final Station to other games, analyzing the story in great detail long after I had completed the game. The events that transpired on that fated train ride would remain with me forever. Hands down my personal favorite game of 2016 – in retrospect, if I could change my review to a five out of five, I would.

The Only Questions

As interesting as the story in The Final Station was, it left question unanswered. Not all of these questions are addressed in the DLC The Only Traitor, unfortunately. This standalone package does a fine job in uncovering some of the mystery left behind in the main game, but that sense of mystery still remains. Taking place simultaneously as the events in The Final Station, The Only Traitor relies on the same gameplay elements from the main title with a slight spin.

Much of the landscapes remain the same; buildings are looming masses of negative space, and entering a door into a new room or tunnel is the only way to see what sort of dangers lurk on the other side. The main goal in each area isn’t to obtain a code anymore, but instead to acquire food, water and gasoline to carry on to the next area. Looting adds to gameplay variety. Materials found are used for crafting and selling.

This Is My Boom-Stick

Aside from a handful of new enemies, combat remains unchanged, with the exception of putting more emphasis on melee attacks instead of shooting.

The Final Station had three different types of guns combined with a weak-looking punch. The Only Traitor puts the player in control of a different character, one that feels larger and slower, albeit more powerful. This makes The Only Traitor feel more like a brawler than a shooter. With the options of using a pistol or whaling upon opponents with a blunt wooden object, combat remains satisfying but still isn’t a core element of gameplay. As before, it’s simply a means of traversing the landscape safely.

The Final Passenger

Speaking of traversing the landscape, travelling between areas in The Only Traitor is done in a muscle car as opposed to a train. This takes away some of the passenger management elements of The Final Station. Travelling is when tidbits of the story are revealed, and only being able to transport one survivor at a time adds to the disparity between the original game and the DLC.

There was one main difference I noticed in regards to transporting survivors. In The Final Station, survivors are gathered together and all brought to a checkpoint or a safe zone. In The Only Traitor, upon picking up a new passenger there is literally nothing said about the previous rescue. Did the character just abandon this person? Was the person brought to their destination? This adds to some of the loose ends that have yet to be tied.

Weighing in at about two hours, The Only Traitor is a welcome addition to the main game The Final Station. I was grateful to have more of the same gameplay I had grown to love, and I only wish there was more content. That being said, length may be the only downfall to this standalone DLC. I’m hoping it was just another taste of more to come, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Do My Best Games will bring us next.

The Last Station: The Only Traitor DLC is available via Steam.

[xrr rating=”4.5/5″]

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