Review: NotGTAV – Not a GTA V Satire

Review: NotGTAV – Not a GTA V Satire

Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Steam

Game Name: NotGTAV

Publisher: Not Games

Developer: Not Games

Genre: Action

Release Date: July 2nd, 2015

NotGTAV – What We Think:

NotGTAV from UK publisher Not Games is a parody of a certain mainstream open-world driving game. It’s also meant to be a satire of modern British society and culture. Think South Park with a Cockney accent, right down to the intentionally shoddy hand-drawn graphics. That’s all well and good, of course…or at least it might be, if there was much of a game there.

NotGTAV: screenshot courtesy of Steam
NotGTAV: screenshot courtesy of Steam

If Not…Then Wot?

Not GTA? Well, you’re right, game; you’re nothing like GTA. You are, in fact, a skin swap of Snake with levels and item-gathering added in. Because each level actually features a rudimentary map, you never actually get to see the real charm of Snake, which is when you get so long that you have to plan your movement extremely carefully.

After you’ve picked up enough soap or crashed into so many bums or what-have-you, you’ll have a trail of bubbles or whatnot trailing behind you. But, it never gets very long as the levels progress in this weird objective way and then complete before you get very long of a trail behind you at all.

NotGTAV, screenshot 2
NotGTAV: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Not Too Exciting

About midway though the second level, it becomes apparent that it is nothing more than a skin-swap of level 1. And again on level 3, though that at least uses a different map layout. A couple of times each stage, it will tell you to collect a different thing or avoid a guy or get these things and THEN get a final thing. But other than that, there’s little variation.

NotGTAV: screenshot 3
NotGTAV: screenshot courtesy of Steam

The “voiced” a capella audio is cute however, and may even earn it an extra bit of love from my bitter heart. It’s definitely not GTA, but it’s not really a parody of anything, either. It’s its own goofy thing for its own goofy purposes. No wait, it’s not even that. It’s Snake.

[xrr rating=”2/5″]

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