Review: Bridge Constructor Stunts!

Review: Bridge Constructor Stunts!

Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Steam

Game Name: Bridge Constructor Stunts

Publisher: Headup Games

Developer: ClockStone

Genre: Simulation

Release Date: February 23rd, 2016

Bridge Constructor Stunts – What We Think:

2D building simulators represent an evolving genre still gaining in popularity. With any emerging market, it’s important to stand out above the rest by using a unique setting or novel mechanics. Bridge Constructor Stunts by ClockStone aims to offer a different kind of building experience.

Bridge Constructor Stunts screenshot - Canyon

I’m not as crafty as I’d like to be in my everyday life; the last thing I successfully built was a sandwich. Construction games like this test my knowledge of physics and building abilities from the comfort of my own home. That rewarding experience of building a ramp or bridge that holds out just long enough for me to cross it is still a great feeling.

Some Assembly Required

The main goal of this game is to build a structure that will allow you to drive a car to the end of each of the game’s bite-sized levels. Much like a modern mobile game, levels are short and give you a rating based on how well you’ve done. At any time within a level you can switch back and forth between construction mode and driving mode.

I enjoyed how the construction aspect of the game felt more like figuring out how to solve a puzzle, and the driving aspect was more about testing your motor skills and timing.

After several previous more builderly installments (iOS hit Bridge Constructor and Medieval Bridge Constructor), Bridge Constructor Stunts has some physics-based pedigree. Wooden structures are not as sturdy as metal structures, but they are heavier. Bridges that are lacking proper bases will break under a certain amount of weight. The engine is accurate enough but not so literal as to be overbearing – it walks a line between familiarity and exaggeration.

Grid based constructor mode
Grid based constructor mode

Levels require that you use trial and error to build sturdy constructions to complete level objectives and reach the finish point. Building structures is not overly complicated or difficult thanks to its easy mouse click, grid-based asset placement. You can simply add and remove with ease using mouse clicks with its user-friendly and easy to grasp mechanics.

There is a lack of variety when it comes to what types of construction materials you can use to build your structures. That being the case, I still found that this aspect of the gameplay is easily the most enjoyable part of the game.

Ramping Up the Difficulty

You will be mainly build ramps using material assets like metal or wood in order to cross gaps or to get high enough to complete specific objectives. Levels will sometimes have stars in the air that you must collect in order to complete the level, or sometimes they will require that you do at least one flip in the air.

The stages aren’t fully realized or fun enough to create a level layout that gives you a playground with exciting stunts. There are no rings of fire or wild design ideas implemented into levels. Actually, they all feel pretty bland.

Bridge Constructor Stunts is more about using ramps to cross broken highway bridges or cliff gaps than anything else. Levels end up feeling repetitive and uninspired. Even while in the air, there are really only a couple of in-air tricks you can perform, like front or back flips. Again, more high-flying variety would have done its namesake proud.

Bridge Constructor Stunts screenshot - Nope

A Bridge Too Far Not Far Enough

The more action-focused part of the gameplay, which involves driving the vehicles forward, feels underwhelming. Since you have direct control of the given vehicle in each level, timing is important. Knowing how fast to hit certain jumps or when to stop are factors that can make or break a successful attempt.

This becomes especially apparent during the later levels where your driving skills need to be precise. It’s similar to Trials HD, but not as refined or engaging. The driving physics don’t feel as fun when compared to those found in other games.

Another odd design decision was to not have an option to drive in reverse. Sometimes driving in reverse is useful if you need to reset yourself for a jump or if you’ve made a mistake. This omission is puzzling and makes the driving feel a little contrived because of that lack of basic control.

The game’s presentation values are a bit lacking. Level geometry and backgrounds feel mediocre and uninspired. The samey-looking freeway bridges and construction zone architecture are paired with bland backgrounds that don’t create enough atmosphere. The music just sounds generic without much variation, as only a handful of tracks are featured in the game.

Bridge Constructor Stunts screenshot - Close

Stunted Growth

Bridge Constructor Stunts could have used more development time to add better building variety or more creative levels. As it stands, this game feels uninspired and lacking in a lot of key areas. It’s not a bad game to pass the time if you’re a fan of the genre, but don’t expect it to hold your attention for too long.

Bridge Constructor Stunts is available via Steam, the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Watch the trailer for Bridge Constructor Stunts below: