Razer Announces Forge TV, “Spiritual Successor to OUYA”

Forge TV Console Console and Controller 908x623

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OUYA Gaming on the Razer Edge

Razer, the game-oriented hardware company, purchased the software assets from Android-based miniature console OUYA earlier this year. Razer’s follow-up to OUYA, entitled Forge TV, is available now.

Like OUYA, Forge TV is an Android-based console. It includes a controller, called the Serval, designed by Razer. It also features newer, faster technology, with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, double that of the OUYA console. Razer is calling the Forge TV console “the spiritual successor to OUYA.”

Newly Forged Cortex

When Razer bought out OUYA, they took OUYA’s technical team with them. The team began work in the beginning of the summer on Cortex, the new OUYA-powered app store. Cortex features classic OUYA games as well as new exclusives offerings.

While the OUYA console was discontinued for sale in June of this year, players who already own them will still be able to use them. Additionally, the original OUYA controllers will also work with the new Forge TV consoles.

Forge TV Console Console and Controller 908x623

However, to entice fans to switch to the new console, Razer is offering a $50 credit to existing OUYA owners toward the purchase of a Forge TV set-up as well as $10 credit to the Cortex online store. Existing OUYA owners should check their e-mail for the promo code. Additionally, Forge TV will be able to play previously purchased OUYA games.

OUYA Indie Impact

Despite its relatively short lifespan, the OUYA console had an outsized effect on the indie game community, thanks in large part to its Free the Games Fund, with the company matching Kickstarter pledges for developers in who raised at least $50,000 in exchange for OUYA exclusivity for at least six months.

A number of popular and/or critically acclaimed indie titles, including TowerFall, Duck Game, Neverending Nightmares and the forthcoming That Dragon, Cancer began as OUYA exclusives.

Watch our interview with the OUYA team from IndieCade 2014 below:

Watch a trailer for Razer’s Forge TV console below: