Dinner With Friends: Klei Studios Announces Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together Banner

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Don't Starve Together Banner
Set another place next to the crock pot: Klei Entertainment has revealed Don’t Starve together, and as the name implies, you will be able to team up with friends in your never-ending quest to stave off hunger.

A Community Hungry for Multiplayer

It’s certainly an about-face for Klei, who has frequently stated that a multiplayer-enabled Don’t Starve was never going to happen, despite numerous requests from large, ravenous swaths of the fan base. Numerous threads on the Klei forums that brought up the possibility were shut down, as the discussions would often degrade into insults, flame wars and yo mama jokes.

The new mode essentially means having to build the game again from the ground up, tweaking all sorts of the hundreds of elements for balance. The new game will enter alpha testing by late summer 2014, with 2-4 players expected to be supported. If you already own a copy, the new content will come as a free update of the existing application. If you still haven’t bought in, you might want to consider doing so before the launch of the new features. The price goes up to USD $19.99 once the mutliplayer features are added. Still a bargain for this excellent title that topped our Top Ten Indie Games of 2013.

Starving for Attention

Even taking into account the numerous advances that have been implemented via updates to Don’t Starve, this is easily the most significant change to the game to date. As huge fans of the game, we are eagerly anticipating a chance to see what this new mode of play can add to the extreme survival experience.

My first thought when hearing of the new mode: If you team up with a person, and that person dies along the way, can you eat that person?

Too dark?