Introducing Blink Bundle – 85% of Proceeds going to Indie Developers

Lilly Looking Through

Blink Once For Yes

While there is certainly no lack of game bundles out there, the Blink Bundle is one of the most dev-friendly; a whopping 85% of the proceeds from each bundle sold goes to the teams who created the games.

Your Eyes Will Stay That Way

This bundle features the popular 2-tiered approach: pay more than $1.99 and can get your mitts on Steam codes for 5 games. Exceed the purchase price of $4.99, and you’re getting a gargantuan total of 12 games.

Tier 1: Pay $1.99 Or More


by Robotronic Games

Lead a band of courageous gnomes into the world. Tear down structures for resources, or rebuild them elsewhere. Dig deep for precious materials, and convince wandering gnomads to join your cause.

Gnomoria screenshot

Read our writeup of the Alpha Preview for Gnomoria.

Sideway: New York

by Playbrains
This highly underrated 2D in 3D side-scrolling platformer will feel familiar to players of Phil Fish’s Fez or Compulsion Games’ Contrast but shares an aesthetic similar to Jet Set Radio Future.

Light of Altair

by SaintXi
Earth has hit Standing Room Only status. It’s time to search out new stomping grounds for humankind in the stars. Don’t make the same mistakes as those who previously claimed lands for other nations.

Archon Classic

by React! Games
Check out the original Battle Chess! You’ve made your moves on the board, but can you live up to the stats? Even after cornering a pawn with a queen, you’ll have to use your fighting prowess to seal the deal.

Archon Classic screenshot 1
Archon Classic: Screenshot courtesy of Steam

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

by Night Dive Studios
Based on the frightening book by Harlan Ellison, this horror point and click still holds up.

Tier 2: Pay $4.99 or More

5 bucks for 12 games? It’s happening. In addition to the games listed above, your $4.99 or more purchase gains the Steam codes for these diverse titles.


by Blockland LLC
Lego my Lego! You have an open block-based world to explore, so have at it!


by Minor Key Games
An H.P. Lovecraft FPS in a voxel universe.

Lilly Looking Through

by Geeta Games
What Lilly sees will change your world forever. Take on past and present to unveil a future that will bring down the veils of mystery.

Lilly Looking Through
Lilly Looking Through: Image courtesy of Steam

Mutant Mudds Deluxe

by Renegade Kid
The Mutant Mudds have overrun your world. Take up your glorified water pistol, and eliminate this daunting threat.

Hero of the Kingdom

by Lonely Troops
Your life on the farm is gone. Rise up to become the hero that the realm needs! You must become the hero that the people needs!

Astro Tripper

by PomPom Games
A brilliant take on the side-scrolling shooter craze.


by Impromptu Games
Roll your metal sphere through bizarre structures. Solving the puzzles within will help to shed some light on the mysterious island you’ve been sent to explore.

Influx screenshot A
Influx screenshot

Read our full review of Influx.

Blink and You’ll Miss It

There are only a few days left on this inaugural deal. Take advantage while you can, and check back to see what the next bundle has in store.

Get The Something For Everyone Bundle from the Blink Bundle Website