IndieCade and Top Indie Devs Announce Resist Jam

Resist Jam: Creating Games to Promote Global Freedom

IndieCade today announced Resist Jam, and online game jam hoping to seize upon the anti-authoritarian spirit that continues to grow around the globe.

IndieCade has frequently featured games that celebrate the idea of personal freedom. Some of this year’s top accolades went to games such as Replica, a dystopian nightmare tale in which prisoners are forced by government agents to spy on the social media accounts of other citizens to prove their loyalty.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an interactive narrative game depicting an on-the-ground look at the events that led to the upheaval of society in Iran.

Riot: Civil Unrest is a simulator that pits players against each other controlling either an organized group of protesters, or the riot police sent to disperse them. Each side has only three leaders to control, but the followers on both sides are still subject to the game’s AI. Each side must be diligent in their attempts to keep control of their own followers. The scenarios presented in the game are based on real-life historic incidents.

This year’s Developer’s Choice award went to We Are Chicago. This interactive tale features Aaron, a young boy growing up in Chicago’s turbulent South Side, struggling to protect his sister and make the right choices.

Screenshot from Replica, by SOMI

To Think That Jammin’ Was a Thing of the Past

IndieCade has always been a celebration of gaming attended by game creators and enthusiasts alike, all comprising a group from highly diverse backgrounds. This new jam will draw from a great number of perspectives found in the international game development community, each underlining the vital importance of always speaking out. The organizers are hoping to facilitate at least 200 participants, and the themes are to be centered around freedom, tolerance, and peaceful resistance.

All games created in the jam will be available for purchase at, and all proceeds generated from game sales are to be donated to a number of global charities.

Resist Jam commences March 3rd, 2017, and runs until March 11th. For more information, visit the IndieCade website.