IndieCade 2017 Open for Submissions

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One Submission, Four Festivals

IndieCade 2017’s submission period is now open. Developers who submit games will be considered for not just one but four upcoming events: the original IndieCade festival in southern California, IndieCade East, IndieCade Europe and the IndieCade Showcase at E3.

Games must be submitted by March 17th for consideration at the E3 IndieCade Showcase, however, as that event is just around the corner, taking place June 14th-16th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The deadline for regular submissions is April 30th. Additionally, developers can submit games after the regular deadline until June 15th, but will be required to pay an additional late submission fee.

The Benefits of Submission

Developers submitting games for consideration will also get a number of benefits unusual in today’s festival and convention climate. All submissions will receive a detailed evaluation of their game from a member of the IndieCade Jury. Developers will also receive two passes to the festival itself, as well as admission to IndieXChange, the pre-festival summit for developers, which features workshops and networking opportunities. They will also be invited to submit a talk for the IndieXChange or the GameU event, which takes place during the festival itself.

Additionally, developers whose games are accepted will receive all-access passes for any and all IndieCade events to which they are accepted – including free booth space. They will also be promoted on the IndieCade website and social media challenges.

Games accepted for IndieCade events will also be available for all IndieCade “choice” awards: Audience Choice, Developer Choice, Media Choice and Jury Choice. They will also be considered for the eight jury-selected awards.

For more information about the submission process, including fees, please visit the IndieCade submissions page.