Indie Legends 3 Bundle: 10 Great Games from Bundle Stars

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Third Time’s the Charm

The Indie Legends 3 Bundle is the latest amazing indie deal from Bundle Stars (the bundle store associated with UK publisher Focus Multimedia).

For just $3.49, this bundle includes:


by Francisco Téllez de Meneses

UnEpic game screenshot

This comedic Metroidvania was one of our Top 10 Best Indie Games of 2011, thanks to its mixture of demanding boss fights and RPG in-jokes. Add a dungeon editor that lets you create your own levels and share them online with other players, and you’ve got a major time-sink on your hands, adventurer!

Freedom Planet

by GalaxyTrail

Freedom Planet screenshot - Miniboss

So much more than a Sonic the Hedgehog homage, this high-speed platformer captivated us with its brilliant level design, wide assortment of enemies and overall attention to detail. Our own FictiveTruism called Freedom Planet “one of the rare games that I’ve played recently that feels like an inspired passion project.”

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Nether: Resurrected

by Phosphor Games Studio

Nether: Resurrected game screenshot, FPS

Now back in the hands of its original developers, this is an open world horror/survival hybrid a la Day-Z or H1Z1, but fending off zombies is child’s play compared to the monsters you’ll face here. For starters, they can teleport…

King Arthur’s Gold

by Transhuman

king arthur's gold screenshot - wall of doom
Crazy defensive antics – in-game screenshot from King Arthur’s Gold, image via Desura

Sheer, fantasy-based side-scrolling multi-player madness. Build crazy castles, blow up your friends’ crazy castles, switch heads and go crazy with a variety of play modes. Think Terraria meets Metal Slug. IGR writer HappyWulf called King Arthur’s Gold “an absolute must-have for today’s generation of team-based combat fans who desire a taste of something a little different.”

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by New World Interactive

Insurgency game screenshot, FPS

Look no further if you’re after realistic team-based FPS action. But do look further if you’re worried about grenades. They’ll blow you up real good.

Outcast 1.1

by Fresh3D

Outcast 1.1 game screenshot, open world 3D

One of the first ever 3D games to offer “open world” gameplay, this cult favorite from 1999 is back, optimized for today’s computers and packaged with the original orchestral score.

Surgeon Simulator, Anniversary Edition

by Bossa Studios

Surgeon Simulator 2013 - surgery screenshot
I’m going in Jimbo…

Despite the fact that it’s more of an interactive video toy (or a digital version of the Operation board game), HappyWulf praised Surgeon Simulator for its absurd, over-the-top comedy. This package of the game features the Anniversary Edition content, with improved graphics, more achievements and additional environments.

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Super Win the Game

by Minor Key Games

Super Win the Game, game screenshot, retro CRT monitor

The Metroidvania that’s so retro, it simulates a CRT monitor!

Dungeon Defenders

by Trendy Entertainment

Dungeon Defenders game screenshot, hallway

The original version of everyone’s favorite first-person action RPG tower defense. Why don’t you have this already?! (Incidentally, it was one of our Top 10 Best Indie Games of 2011.)


by Owlchemy Labs

Dyscourse game screenshot, Indie Island

This desert island-themed take on the Choose Your Own Adventure charmed us with characters that started off as cartoon stereotypes and grew more fully fleshed the more we played. IGR assistant editor InfinityWaltz praised Dyscourse for its “appealingly weird art style and its offbeat characters.” Plus there’s an Indie Island bonus game featuring a ton of inside jokes and a despotic Tim Schafer.

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All 10 games in this bundle include Steam keys, and all but Nether: Resurrected and Outcast 1.1 – which are Windows-only – are available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.