Indie Game Review – It’s Just a Thought for iOS Plays With Your Neural and Social Networks

Indie Game Review – It’s Just a Thought for iOS Plays With Your Neural and Social Networks

Platforms: iOS, iPhone, iPad

Game Name: It's Just a Thought

Developer: Yellow Monkey Studios

Developer Summary:

A refreshing interactive experience that allows you to explore moods, re-live your memories and capture your thoughta. Keep your thought alive. Focus… concentrate… “It’s Just a Thought” is a game that will help you take your thought across the depths of your endless mind.


What We Think:

It’s Just a Thought is a great example of the iPhone’s features and connectivity. Set to an ambient score fill with winsome plinky beats, you begin the game by entering a “thought” and “mood,” which sends your thought along the neural pathways of your mind. Using the tilt and touch functions of the iPhone or iPad to steer your thought, you must not stray too far from the path or your thought will be lost in the vastness of the mind, only to be seen again if you manage to trek that deeply again. Collecting memories along the way will give you various boosts and tools to use in combating competing moods that affect your concentration.

The Neural/Social Network

Performance is best (if not the whole gimmick here) when the game is integrated with your Facebook account, allowing your “memories” to be represented as the pictures taken directly from your profile page. Fortunately, this game does not spam your page with updates on your gameplay unless you specifically tell it to after any given round. The integration is seamless and it’s pretty cool to have your actual memories worked into the game, but it will work just as well if you don’t allow the integration.

My only real complaint about the game is that the various power-ups are not really described well in-game, leaving you to discover their properties through a process of trial and error. Arguably this process of discovery could be seen as part of the imaginative exploration the devs purport to illicit, but in terms of game play, it feels more like a gap in logic.

While I wouldn’t say that It’s Just a Thought is an innovation in game play, it does offer a rather more novel approach in how it interprets your personal data, is enjoyable enough as a quick pick up mediation, and may merit multiple play-throughs to see if you can top your score. But there isn’t much else to it than that.

Check out It’s Just A Thought for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad at the iTunes App Store

[xrr rating=”3.5/5″]