Indie Gala Presents the SUPREME Bundle – 11 Games!

Little Racers STREET screenshot

A Supreme Indie Gala


The digital combo purveyors at Indie Gala have gone big with a bundle containing a staggering 11 games for those who beat the average purchase price. Two of these games hail from the Supreme Commander franchise.

If that isn’t enough to illicit a double take, your purchase also nets you 10 entries into a draw for a $700 Steam Wallet credit. As always, playing cheap will net you a few games, but going big (for those who would call 5 bucks big) will get the whole shebang.

Pay a buck and get:


Track down the Chaos Overlord in this 2-Dimensional RPG that promises to shower ardent adventurers in piles of loot! (Desura)

Little Racers Street

60 tracks? 200 different race events? Over 40 different cars to race? Clearly, in this top down street racing extravaganza, the only trace of “Little” to be found is in the title.

Little Racers STREET screenshot
Little Racers STREET screenshot

In fact, the physics based tiny racers are beautifully rendered and this is still one of the best XBOX Indies of all time, having made it’s way over to the Steam platform.


Unfold paper to fill the screen. It should simplicity itself, but before long, this gorgeous Japanese culture themed puzzler will have you in deep contemplation.

Pay above $4.99 and you unlock:

Probably Archery

What would make QWOP into an even more laughable experience? Arm your avatar with a bow, and have him fire at targets, all the while controlling your wrists, elbows and shoulders. If you suddenly were called upon to take out viking invaders in Surgeon Simulator 2013, the results would likely look like this game.

Things can get pretty zany, and you may find yourself as likely to be picking off zombies as you are balloons in a ceramics store.

Probably Archery screenshot
Probably Archery screenshot

We have tried it with a keyboard, we have tried it with a controller, and it is just as maddeningly awkward as trying to make a unicorn or a sprinter run when you have independent control over every joint involved. Probably Archery can also soon be enjoyed by everyone on the Oculus Rift.

Humanity Asset

A modern take on the Metroidvania style. Invaders from space are determined to extract all of Earth’s precious resources. Fight back as you unleash the power of a diverse arsenal of futuristic weapons.

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Supreme Commander

In this much-loved now-classic RTS from 2007, you lead a faction into a battle of conflicting ideologies. If you fail to dominate your two opponents, you face the threat of obscurity, and extinction.

Supreme Commander screenshot
Supreme Commander screenshot

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Remember those days when the factions of humankind fought each other? Those were good times…A new threat has emerged, with the power to wipe out what remains of humanity’s forces. A final push will decide the fate of Earth.

Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising

This critically well-received strategy title is an older release (2001) that looks quite good for its time. It is a very somber and ambitious war game. You may need to watch some My Little Pony reruns afterwards. Also it is a reminder that this bundle is not made of all-new titles, but is rather a grab bag of genres, release dates and quality.

Hostile Waters game screenshot
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising

Gunman Clive

A romping side-scrolling platformer that uses a beguiling blend of 3D for 2D graphics that look a like monochromatic water color hand drawn animation, Gunman Clive features 16 levels of humor, action and boss fights.


Driftmoon is an ambitious sprawling RPG adventure game featuring many sidequests and a wide array of entertaining characters. Our reviewer said that if it was an animated series they wouldn’t miss an episode.

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//N.P.P.D. Rush// The Milk of Ultraviolet

A hyper-paced glitch-core bullet hell shooter in an equally glitched out aesthetic, //N.P.P.D.// takes chances and most of the pay off. A bold experiment and heart-pounding, shooter.

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Pick up the SUPREME Bundle while it lasts at The Indie Gala