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Bored of sitting around with your friends and complaining about how bored you are? The Humble Weekly Co-op Bundle brings together a fine selection of co-op games. Buy in, send your buds back to their respective places of residence, and remotely take on the forces of evil like a tele-working boardroom full of bosses.

So. Many. Tiers…

Apparently unsatisfied with the amount of awesome being delivered in previous bundles, this iteration has included a third unlock tier, plus two multi-pack bundle levels for those who would care to gift their friends, and also happen to be in possession of a fruit-bearing money tree.

Tier 1 – Pay What You Want

AwesomenautsRonimo Games
When a world ain’t big enough fer the two of ’em, rival planetary mining outfits seek to get up in each others’ drill. Deploy a diverse host of over-the-top, Saturday morning cartoon styled heroes. You’ll have to keep a close eye on your own drilling rigs, but you’ll also have to bring down those belonging to the other team. The last team standing takes the lucrative payload. Awesomenauts was also on our Honorable Mentions list for 2012. Just be careful of that soundtrack – it tends to get stuck in your head like an earworm from Arrakis.

Awesomenauts gameplay
Image courtesy of Ronimo Games

Sanctum 2 Coffee Stain Games
An alien swarm is zeroing in on your location. Set up a maze of walls, and lead the horde to their end. Cleverly fusing tower defense and first-person shooter mechanics, Sanctum 2 requires both careful planning, and an itchy (yet accurate) trigger finger. Also, it’s a lot of fun.

Sanctum 2 screenshot
Image courtesy of Coffee Stain Studios

Wanderlust: RebirthYeti Trunk
The path of glory never did run smooth. What was supposed to be a simple arena battle results in 4 heroes being called upon to rescue the fantasy realm of Valandria from total annihilation. Use your strengths alongside those of your team to deftly thwart the beasts that would bar your path. The game has some legs but we found it tends to err on the side of monotony. Things may have improved in updates since we last played it.

Wanderlust screenshot
Image courtesy of Yeti Trunk

Tier 2: The Rage (currently $6 or more)

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled ChickenRatloop Asia
Little known fact: The various species of flightless birds all hate one another. In Rocketbirds, the chickens turn to military-grade technology to overcome their perma-grounded status, and rise up to kick the penguins in their feathered throats. Any bird can fly with a rocket strapped to his back!

Orcs Must Die! 2 Complete PackRobot Entertainment
The dwarven mines have once again been overrun by a rampant militia of orcs. Set up a deadly path of traps to deter the waves, and then charge headlong into battle to pick off the stragglers. Team up with a friend as the battle mage and the sorceress, and unleash fury from all directions. You’ll also get booster packs Are We There Yeti?, Family Ties, and Fire and Water.

Orcs Must Die! 2 screenshot
Image courtesy of Robot Entertainment

Aces Wild: Manic Brawling ActionCulture Attack Studio
Dragon Ball A through Y? Take the fight to the skies in this insane side-scrolling combat game packed to the gills with maximum martial arts mayhem. Build up your “Wild Meter” to unleash more powerful strikes, but bear in mind that this means you’ll be facing fiercer foes.

Tier 3 (currently $10 or more)

Risk of RainHopoo Games
To loot, or not to loot? The allure of premium swag can be your downfall in this devious roguelike sci-fi shooter. Time is constantly ticking away in the background, and the longer you stay to scoop up primo plunder, the more difficult the next stage is going to be, but if you don’t hang in long enough to hoard the power-ups that end-of-stage boss is gonna whomp you. What to do, what to do…Regardless of your style of play, Risk of Rain is a punishing, fast-paced game that promises great rewards, but never without great risks. Read our full review of Risk of Rain.

Paying over $17 gets 2 complete sets of the games, and a purchase price of over $30 brings down a whopping 4 sets of games.

Also, while setting your price, keep in mind that your purchase helps not only the devs, but also the Child’s Play Charity, and the American Red Cross.

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