Humble Bundle: PC and Android 11 – Lots of Indie Goodness – A Rundown

thomas was alone - screenshot

At Home, On The Road, Game Until Your Head ‘Asplode

Whether you prefer to hunker down next to your gaming rig, or you fancy yourself a threat to pedestrians and drivers alike, Humble Bundle has compiled an impressive range of titles in its current offering. The Humble PC and Android Bundle 11 packs RTS, Tower Defense, Simulators and Adventure games, and makes them available to play, be you sedentary or transitory.

We don’t work for Humble Bundle – we just cover the bundles that get us really excited, and this new bundle features some indie titles we really loved.

The price for the bundle are as low as you’d like to set them, but be sure to check out all that’s on offer. Some of these titles are only unlocked once you kick in a certain amount. Considering some of these titles sell for more than 10 dollars a piece, it’s pretty clear that this is a great deal.

Games Included in Humble Bundle: PC and Android 11

Thomas Was Alone

A strangely heart-wrenching British children’s television-style narrator helps to elevate the tale of Thomas well beyond its hyper-minimalistic presentation style. Guide Thomas on a quest to team up with other sentient AIs. Figure out the lay of the land, and rise from the depths of your captivity.

thomas was alone - screenshot

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Bridge Constructor Playground

When this game was released, every single person in Madison County collectively shuddered. Learn what it takes to build all types of bridges, and put your new-found knowledge to the test by constructing your dream bridge. You’ll cross many a gap with your construction projects, and then put them through stress testing. After all, virtual lives are at stake! The bridge constructor games are a lot more fun than you might suspect from their description. Give it a go, it may be a new genre you enjoy.


Take the fight to the other guy in one of the original 3-dimensional tower defense games. The enemy is coming, and you must construct enough deterrents to keep them out of your base. Be your cubemen red, or blue, spraying your enemy in the face with a pixelated flame-thrower has never been so cool-looking.

Cubemen 2

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more cubic, Cubemen 2 arrives. This sequel brings a metric tonne of new multiplayer modes, offering battles between up to six players and a strangely detailed UGC search engine. If playing with others isn’t your idea of a block party, there is a campaign mode, and single player battle options as well.

cubemen 2 - multiplayer screenshot
Cubemen 2 screenshot – multiplayer mode gets le frantic

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Pay More Than The Average And Unlock…

Small World 2

Based on the board game of the same title – imagine the ride at Epcot Center of a similar name, only instead of singing in harmony, all the little robots turned on each other and started battling for territory. This is the crux of Small World 2: there is finite space in this fantasy realm, and the mystical creatures that dwell there are all taking up arms to take it for their own. Choose a group – each with their own power combos, bonuses, and weaknesses – and bring oblivion to everyone else. The hope, with the board game, is that you would have an ever-changing stable of creatures to play with, as you combine the head with the tail, as it were, of different creature/army/power types. Midway through a game, if things aren’t going your way, you can cut your losses and re-roll, maintaining some of your progress across the territories.

Small Wonder 2 screenshot

It isn’t really the BEST of the new generation board games, but mechanics are there, the game has been playtested to death and has a large following, and the artwork is like rolling around in a candy store after closing time. If that’s your thing. Which it may be. Or not.

The version on offer in this bundle comes with the Royal Bonus DLC (previously only available to Kickstarter backers).

Blackwell 1: Legacy

When Rosa’s aunt Lauren passes away, she gains a most unusual inheritance: Joey, a spirit that was linked to Lauren is now inexplicably bound to her. She also find that she can now communicate with displaced souls. With Joey at her side, Rosa reluctantly takes on solving a mystery that spans the world of the living, and the the world beyond.

Blackwell 2: Unbound

1973. A series of deaths take place at a construction site in Manhattan. Lauren Blackwell and her bonded spirit Joey Mallone refuse to accept these deaths as mere accidents. A killer with surreal power is on the loose, and the inseparable duo are bound and determined to stop him before he can claim more victims.

Blackwell 3: Convergence

When a variety of bizarre occurrences emerge, Rosa and Joey begin to suspect that there may be a connection. Their suspicions are well-placed, but just how far down the rabbit hole will they have to travel to uncover the proof? The closer they come to the answer, the greater the risk to Rosa.


$11 & Up

Surgeon Simulator

So, you think QWOP was a breeze, and you’re ready to move on to the next step in your gaming career? Ever considered becoming a surgeon? Great news! All the…ahem…skills… you learned while track running all floppy-like will carry over nicely. Simply use a different key for each finger, and I’m sure that the deft use of a scalpel will come naturally. Just make sure your patients sign that waiver form…

Surgeon Simulator 2013 - alien autopsy screenshot
Alien autopsy…

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Anomaly Defenders

Some say that the best tower defense is a good tower offense. Human forces have turned the tide in will be the ultimate battle. Develop superior technology, and be ready to deploy units on the fly. The humans won’t hold anything back, so meet them in kind.

More to come!

As always, you can count on more titles to be revealed in the coming days. If I were a gambling man, I’d put money on the final two chapters of the Blackwell Saga making an appearance.

Don’t forget that your purchase helps the game devs, as well as a host of great charities. Also don’t forget that as terrific as all of these games are, you are also able to play any of them in the palm of your hand in addition to on all the cloud sync advantages of their Steam equivalents.

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