See How An Indie Developer Makes A Video Game Online Using Wild Pockets

We really loved discovering the Idiotron site, because it finally gave us a way to share with you the process a very low budget indie developer might take to create an online video game. You can see character sketches, early stage 3D models, even play with early versions of the game engine he has created.  It especially underlines the importance of art work and how much of a difference being or getting someone who can design graphics can make to a project.  Of course you can always build something like Dungeon Escape and still have a great game featuring stick figures.

Idiotron - early gameplay sketch
Idiotron - early Gameplay sketch

By installing a little plugin app called Wild Pockets for your browser, a tool that may very well change your life from one of wishing to actually building an online indie game, you can play the game itself (despite the fact that it is hardly finished).  By signing up free at the Wild Pockets site, you will be able to build, from within your browser window, the 3D world that will house your game!  Free.

The Wild Pockets software and site are still in beta, but seem to be doing very well and have lots of activity.  There is even a marketplace for indie games opening soon at their site.

So whether you are a indie game fan or an aspiring developer, check out the site for Idiotron, you will be sure to learn something or spark an idea.

And don’t forget to visit the Wild Pockets site – imagine being able to embed your own fully-working, playable 3D game on your Facebook page, or any page.

Have fun and if you discovered Wild Pockets via this article, let us know what you think of it!

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