Get Creative in The Game Creators’ Latest Christmas Game Competition

During these cold, dark nights, are you looking for something to warm up your creative juices!? Well, The Game Creators have come up with another great competition for game developers everywhere!

In a recently announced competition, The Game Creators (TGC) are requesting games of a horizontal or vertical scrolling nature and, with Christmas approaching, all entries need to feature Santa! The deadline for the competition is 28th November and all entries need to use Dark Basic or GDK Pro.

There are three prizes including a $100 voucher to spend in the excellent TGC game store which includes an array of great gaming development software such as First Person Shooter Creator (FPSC) and DarkBasic Pro.

The Game Creators’ Financial Director, Rick Vanner, said “Jumping games like Doodle Jump on the iPhone have pretty simple game mechanics. So this genre of game should be a cinch for our creative community to code. I can’t wait to see what our loyal fans will by putting Santa to task with!”

To find out more about the competition see this forum thread on The Game Creators website