Gamekicker Launches March 1st – New Indie-Focused Crowdfunding Platform

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Kicking Indie Games into Gear

Gamekicker is a new crowdfunding website that is set to launch on March 1st, 2016. It will be the first crowdfunding platform devoted exclusively to indie games. The reason for the launch of yet another online fund-raising apparatus is twofold.

For starters, existing platforms are so over-saturated with failed projects that it has gotten tough for developers to get more promising games enough exposure to bring their projects to fruition. In addition to that, a number of high profile crowdfunding efforts are now being run by major game studios as a way to raise extra cash.

Gamekicker featured image In the words of Gamekicker owner Björn van Leeuwen, “Kickstarter is turning into a marketing and validation tool, while Indiegogo is turning into a platform for failed Kickstarters where they try to at least receive a portion of the necessary funds with a flexible funding option.”

Gamekicker takes a more hands-on approach to help weed out hopeless projects and piggy-backing Triple-A studios from the get-go. Confirmed indie status is a requirement, and screening doesn’t stop there. All applicants to Gamekicker are required to provide a playable demo of their game.

Campaign managers will screen projects from the beginning while maintaining a hands-on approach throughout each campaign. Developers will have access to a proprietary crowdfunding strategy guide as well as personal coaching and active support for more exposure.

Sound too good to be true? Gamekicker has already announced its first two campaigns:

God Caster

by Maxmuses

The debut project by Maxmuses, an indie studio based out of Vietnam, God Caster is an online collectible card game based on myths from around the world. In addition to its acceptance on Gamekicker, it’s also been approved on Steam Greenlight.


by Crygoenic Entertainment

Set in the microscopic world of genetic engineering – and based in real science – CURE combines RTS elements with an RPG-influenced upgrading system. Based on what we’ve seen in the alpha trailer, it’s got terrific art and music, as well; it looks like a strategy game made out of a NOVA episode on microbiology.

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