Feeding Frenzy! Player-Driven Updates for Don’t Starve and Guns of Icarus Online

Cover art for game Don't Starve from Klei Entertainment

Don’t Starve – Hotfix Inbound

As of Tuesday, April 30th, after huge amounts of player feedback, Klei Entertainment has applied a hotfix and some gameplay tweaks to their highly addicting survival title Don’t Starve (link to our interview with community manager Corey Rollins). Some of the more notable changes are:

  • New Settings – players familiar with how to surpass the challenging first week of survival can select the setting “default plus”. The world that is generated for this mode will also be far less forgiving, so how you choose to take this news depends on your stance on the whole “glass half-full/empty” debate.
  • Easier to Uncover Adventure Mode – the divining rod can now be crafted as well as discovered, and the description hints more strongly towards its true functionality.

Here is the most recent update trailer: “The End is Nigh!”

Don’t Starve – Official Site

Don’t Starve on Steam

Guns of Icarus Online v1.2

Muse Games have set out a veritable feast with its version 1.2 update of their ambitious Steampunk-styled title, Guns of Icarus Online(link to our review). While they are busy with their recent Kickstarter campaign to add a full-blown adventure mode/campaign to the airship co-op battle game, the latest installment should tide fans over with some new features that include:

  • In-game tutorials will take the edge off the learning curve for new players. The ability to create moving and non-moving objects also allows for target practice.
  • Along with the new level cap (level 11), Commendations can now be issued to mark your team’s performance in a match. Collecting these titles can also open up new achievements.
  • New players can now engage in Beginner Only Matches, which will be limited to level 1 characters or approved GOIO community teachers.
  • New costumes and other visuals enhancements (ranging from weaponry to particle effects).
  • A new game mode: The Labyrinth: is a 2 vs 2 King of the Hill match. See the trailer below…

Guns of Icarus Online – Official Site

Guns of Icarus Online at Steam