Cordial Minuet: Win Real Money and Golden Amulets in Castle Doctrine Dev’s New Game

Cordial Minuet: amulets

A Cordial Invitation

Released May 6th, 2015, Cordial Minuet is the newest game from developer Jason Rohrer, best known for “recursive tactical shooter” Inside a Star-Filled Sky and multi-player home invasion simulator The Castle Doctrine.

Cordial Minuet: screenshot

Faustian Bargain

Cordial Minuet is an online two-player game that is played for real money, although a match can be played for as little as a penny. However, Rohrer states that because it is classified as a game of skill, rather than being dependent on randomized factors such as dice rolls, it avoids running afoul of gambling laws.

Cordial Minuet: amulets

The Power of the Amulet

While the mechanics of the game are fairly simple, with players taking turns selecting columns of numbers, the presentation of the game is steeped in occult imagery (“Cordial Minuet” is itself an anagram of the phrase “demonic ritual”). In keeping with these themes, Rohrer has crafted gold, silver and copper amulets inscribed with occult symbols. The amulets, along with bonus cash prizes, will be given away to top-scoring players, one each day, until Sunday, May 17th.

Visit the official Cordial Minuet website for more information, or visit the contest page for details the amulet give-aways.

Cordial Minuet – official site

Cordial Minuet – Order of the Golden Amulet contest page

Watch the trailer for Cordial Minuet below: