Review - Dungeon Girl

Is Dungeon Girl a game? Is it a menu? It’s basically just a menu. If you like making choices without experiencing tangible results, this game is for you!

Abo Mando game screenshot, turkey

Review: Abo Mando

Abo Mando takes a cool concept – Mexican horror – and ruins it with lackluster graphics and uninspired 8-bit action. Read our full review.

I Can't Escape: Darkness, skull wall

Review – I Can't Escape: Darkness

I Can’t Escape: Darkness expands a free web game into a mildly entertaining, procedurally generated horror game. Read our full review…

Don 2 Screenshot 3

Review of Don 2: The Game

Don 2 is a third person action adventure game from Gameshatra for Android, iOS and PSN where you play moments from the Bollywood movie. Read the full review…


Review: New 1000 AD

Like Hyperium, 1000 A.D. is a solely text-based strategy title that can be played in any web browser. In spite of its lack of graphics or audio, can it still manage to spark the imagination? Read the full review…

death and the fly screenshot 2

Review: Death and the Fly

Being a reviewer means that sometimes you’ll have to say things about someone’s creation, someone who might be a perfectly nice person, and hope that you don’t cause too much offense, while still being honest.

Which brings us to Death and the Fly.